Thursday, September 22, 2011

*Updated* NOTD: Gelish - Night Reflection

I like my new Gelish color! And my new nail shape :)

Night Reflection is a deep purple with red shimmer. *UPDATE* I have added 2 photos with my nails taken under sunlight. You can see the red shimmer a little better in these 2! It's not a very unique color, but it looks very good as Gelish because of the mirror like shine. This color looks trendier when nails are short, and I think that my nails are a little too long already (OMG did I actually say that my nails are too long); but I really didn't want to trim them shorter as I have not had such long nails for a long long time (due to how I used to abuse my nails by doing gel nails). Now my nails look slightly vampish due to the length…

Last year, I did a review on the durability of Gelish, and I said that the color only lasted chip-less for about 9 days. Now that I have done Gelish many more times, my experience on that has kind of changed. Since my nails are healthy again, I think I will be able to access how good this dark color will last on my nails much better. I will do a new review in 3 weeks' time (or when the color starts to chip)!


ShinyPrettyThings said...

that color is absolutely gorgeous!!! and i love the shape of your nails :D

wintergurl said...

tis colour looks nice and shine