Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Anna Sui Nail Color Collection

I have been wanting to do this post for a while; all my Anna Sui nail polish had been in the 'standby' mode since the beginning of this year on my table! I can't believe it took me so long to finally get this done! Of course, I don't have the entire collection, but here I have what I think, from an avid nail color collector point of view, a few of the most unique colors in the market.

Anna Sui Nail Color N, SGD24 each

One of the biggest appeal of Anna Sui's nail colors is that they are glittery and most of them have a glossy jelly-like finish. I am not going to say too much here... let you be the judge whether you like her nail colors or not =) Most of the photos are taken with different lighting and from different angles, in order to achieve the most accurate color, as compared to real life.


2 coats
Gold glitter polish, the most glittery polish in my collection
It has round glitters, mostly gold, some silver and some holographic

3 coats
This polish is good for nail art, and looks better with 3 coats when worn alone.


A sheer frosty silver with small holographic glitters, probably better with 3 coats
A little boring for me, my least favorite


A jelly wine red, looks like purplish red at some angles, has a sprinkling of small silver glitters


A glossy dusty purple with a jelly like finish. Gold and purple small glitters, a little of round holographic glitters

#205, limited edition

It is sheer, slightly jelly, muted purple with tiny tiny gold, red and green shimmers/glitters (?)
This is one of the most unique shades I have ever seen

#305, can't really remember, might be a limited edition, MIGHT...

Glossy sheer nude pink with holographic dusts in different sizes


Glittery pink with dark pink and silver glitters of the same size
Whenever I see this color, one word pops up in my mind: SAKURA


Bright berry shade, has a little bit of gold and purple frost/ shimmer when admired closely (really too difficult to describe!)


Glossy, jelly-like finish, orange red


Dark jelly red with red and gold glitters


Like a dusty muted purplish pink from bottle, but turns out a nude pink with silver glitters when applied

I applied 2 coats for all polish, except #005, the gold. I find it very hard to describe the colors, as the color combinations are so complex!

Which color do you like best? And before you don't, don't forget to join my JILL STUART GIVEAWAY which closes on 14 March 11!


InsideOut Elle said...

OMG these are so cute! The rose bottle is so chic :D You and your jelly finishes ^^ #005 reminds me of OPI Only Gold For Me :) My favorite is #202, 400 and 402 oddly enough xD

Magdalena said...

Ah, soo cute, I loove Anna Sui cosmetics and packaging! Also just found your blog and I am following now! :D

galpal.hi said...

Nice collection! I may have to try getting a bottle of an Anna Sui nail color. I really like the fact that they are glittery.


Jennifer said...

love the colors in the first row :D!

Steph said...

the bottles are so cute =]
love #400 so bright && pretty~

Marie said...

What a nice collection - I like 400 and 202!:D

***** Marie *****