Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review: SKII Facial Treatment Cream Foundation

Hi everyone! Today I finally blog again!!

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I couldn't take a clear photo of my own jar of foundation... so...

I am sure most of my regular readers would know I adore the SKII Cellumination Essence -In Foundation from my previous post! I was really eager to try SKII's latest cream foundation as I do have high opinion of their foundation in general. I will compare both foundations here a little.

I have already heard about this foundation last year, from a Taiwanese variety show, and am surprised it took pretty long for the foundation to reach Singapore. I got this in February. Not sure if it was available since January though...

Anyway, this is the description of the product from the leaflet inside the box:

"This foundation contains concentrated SKII Pitera. It is rich in feel and spreads easily. A quick and radiant translucent finish, and keeps your skin moisturised even after removal. It protects skin against UV rays SPF20++ and is fragrance free. Skin moisturising ingredient (Galactomyces ferment filtrate)"

SKII Facial Treatment Cream Foundation in 420 Clear Beige
This amount is sufficient for half the face

When applied thickly

Blends in well when applied lightly

I must say I am totally pleased with this foundation, because it is able to control oil on my T-zone pretty well! I compared this with all my other foundations (Cellumination Foundation, Laneige Mystic Veil Foundation, Lancome Teint Miracle, Freshel W Cream UV, SkinFood Agave Cactus) and the new SKII wins without a doubt! Usually when I apply other foundations, I see shine in about 1 hour's time, and 3 hours later, the shine will be pretty unacceptable and I have to blot and touch up (because my nose area will start to look a little red). The new SKII is able to control the shine for about 3 hours, and after that I just need to blot every hour or so. It's not that I have really oily skin, but I like my face to be smooth and matte at all times. So, my conclusion is that this foundation is indeed moisturising, therefore able to control oil well!

I am a M.A.C NC20, and the color that blends in well to my skin color is 420 Clear Beige. I use the same color for the Cellumination range as well. Comparatively, the Cream version has a better coverage and I actually think it provides full coverage. However, I do think the Cellumination one gives my skin a more radiant finish as my face just seems to have this "glow from within" after application, which I don't see as much when I use the Cream one. For both foundations, I finish off with loose powder for that matte finish, but for those who prefer the dewy look, I think you could use the Cellumination one without loose powder. For the Cream one, I still recommend finishing off with powder, as the finish might be to the "oily" side if you don't =)

I use the spatula provided to scope the foundation out, and I prefer to apply with a sponge (as the texture is thicker - similar to Laneige Mystic Veil Foundation).

I highly recommend this foundation! I don't regret spending my SGD109 on this one!


Tiptoe21 said...

I have yet to try out a SKII makeup product. This seems great! Thanks for the review!

Yansi said...

I bought this last week n am totally loving it!!

ashura said...

Yeah it's so good isn't it!! My best foundation so far!!

Marie said...

You are making me want to try this brand!:D

***** Marie *****

cathy k said...

Hi, which finishing powder do u use after the foundation? I notice my skin do get oily after a few hours. Thanks! Keep up the great work on your blog!

cathy k said...

Hi, I've been using the SK-II foundation after reading your post. I do get oily after a few hours. Was wondering what finishing powder do you use? Thank you! Keep up the great work on your blog!

ashura said...

Hi Cathy,
I use the La Mer loose powder. It's pricey, but I just finished my 1st first after using it everyday for about 1year7months! So I think it's worth the money :) Furthermore, it is the best powder I have used so far… keeps face matte longer, doesn't make face appear too fair, and makes face smooth!