Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gorgeous Red Pumps!


It seems appropriate to blog about this pair of gorgeous red heels on Chinese New Year, newly purchased from Pazzion =)

Genuine leather, from Pazzion, SGD89

I consider this round front, though it looks slightly pointy

5 inches!!
Dark metal ball chains at the 1 inch platform

It took me a long long time before I finally took out my wallet to pay for this, mainly because it's 5 inches high! The 1 inch platform helps to make the heels wearable, but not good enough to make this into a pair of shopping heels.

I really wanted to find a pair of red pumps with a 3 inch heel for regular wear, but it is REALLY difficult to do so! They are either too high, too low, or color is too dark, or the front is pointy and not rounded... I wanted something to wear out, not to wear with pants and pencil skirts (for work).

Ok, this is not my dream pair of red shoes, but I am loving it! And can't wait wear it soon!


galpal.hi said...

Those pumps are gorgeous!!! I'm sure that you look stunning with them on.

I definitely can't wear something that high. I just know that I'll twist my ankle in it.


Steph said...

these look great!!!
&& i'm sure you'll rock them =D
nice platform detail btw

CHARRY said...

these are really nice pumps! ;)

InsideOut Elle said...

these are gorgeous! I love the detailing around the edges :)

PinkCitrus said...

these are gorgeous! but red is not my colour to wear ;)

Marie said...

Loving the details.:D

***** Marie *****