Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pazzion: Black Crystal Wedges

Black wedges from Pazzion, SGD79

This is the most recent pair of shoes I got. I think I have not bought shoes for a few months already (except for the pair of UGGs I blogged about in August). I always have difficulty choosing that perfect pair of black shoes and I think I have finally gotten close to getting one with this purchase.

What do I see as THE ONE for black shoes?
1) Match with anything and everything (whichever style of clothing I am wearing...eg: elegant, cool, sweet)
2) Classic, but has one focal point which transforms simple to special
3) Makes my legs look longer
4) Relatively easy to walk in

This pair of wedges really come close to being THE ONE.

This pair of wedges has a very common fish hole design which makes my legs really longer when I put them on. The black, silver and grey crystals at the platform totally transforms this simple design into a unique one. This pair of shoes really sparkles, especially at night with spotlights! I can wear it with a nice dress, but I can also match it with tapered jeans, lace and chunky jewellery and go for the "punk" look. Very versatile.

Only thing is, this pair of wedges happens to be almost 4.5inches high, which makes it a little tiring to walk in for a long period of time. When I wore it for the first time, it gave me blisters at the heel and big toe. As this is made of leather, I believe that it will get more comfortable when I wear it a few more times. However, this is definitely not for shopping, unless you want to give yourself an excuse to buy a pair of flats halfway through shopping =p To put less stress on my feet, I put a pair of gel insoles at the balls of feet area. It really helps! I have no regrets buying this. I will bear with the pain till the day I manage to break them in (which I hope is soon). My main problem with this pair is the blisters, not the ball of feet, in case you are wondering. I am fairly accustomed to wearing 4-inches heels...

This design also comes in beige, a color that is much easier to match your clothing.

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Rakhshanda said...

Wow they are gorgeous!!!

Marie said...

This is a cute pair!:D

I understand, I am quite picky too when it comes to buying black shoes!:D

Happy Tuesday!:D

***** Marie *****

alvira said...

They are so pretty I love black shoes as they can go with every dress I have a huge collection of black and brown shoes

Dina (XYYan) said...

The crystals on the wedges look really cool!

hazel said...

I have problems with blisters too.
I solved that by:
putting the Scholl Gel, apply adhesive tap before wear heels or/and wear stockings.
Hope it helps u too. =)

ashura said...

Thanks Hazel,
Let me try the stockings method!!

Catanya said...

Hello Ashura,
I love them!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!
New follower here!!

Pop Champagne said...

oh those are CUTE! i like the blings on the wedge heels

Beauty Addict said...

They do look pretty!!!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Jennifer said...

i love your video tutorial down there on how to apply flawless foundation <3!!! you look gorgeous too :)

Anonymous said...

very glamourous wedges... lovely sparkle for the night!

ashura said...

Yup yup they are so pretty and sparkly. I love them =) been wearing them almost every day!

Lulu said...

wow this is so pretty and sparkly! great choice girl!