Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tutorial: How to Apply Mascara that Curls All Day

Hi~~ Today I have prepared for you a few tips on how to apply mascara that curls really nicely and lasts all day!

One of the reasons for my fascination in mascara and false lashes is that I have really STRAIGHT and SHORT lashes -- a very common problem for some asians. To make matters worse, my lashes are super RESISTANT TO CURLS and very often than not, droops after I apply the wrong type of mascara base/ mascara. Usually, the non-waterproof formulas will be too heavy for my lashes, so I have to go for smudge proof and waterproof ones.

If you have the same problem as me, this tutorial will be perfect for you!

I learnt this mascara application method from the Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist Kevin (not in person but his book haha), who makes regular appearances in the Taiwanese variety show Queens (女人我最大). He has published 2 excellent books on makeup (everything you need to know about makeup -- from base makeup, eyeshadow,mascara, lipcolor to false lashes application). If you understand Chinese, do check out his blog!

Before you continue reading on, I must confess that this is not my 'best applied mascara'. It appeared a bit clumpy in the end. Why I want to mention this is because I want to assure you that this method really works; the cause for the uneven application is I was flustered that day and was a bit clumsy when I applied the mascara =D

FINISHED LOOK - only mascara (without eyeliner!!):

BEFORE (ekks!):

Materials needed:
1. Eyelash curler
2. Electric eyelash curler (optional)
3. Eyelash comb (optional)
4. Mascara base
5. Black mascara

Additional Materials:
6. Cotton buds
7. Moisturizer
8. Powder foundation


1. Use a regular eyelash curler to curl your lashes.

2. Turn on your electric eyelash curler. Once it's hot, gently press the curler tip to the roots of your lashes. Your lashes should instantly curl better. One reason why I use a regular eyelash curler before this is because I find an electric curler better at enhancing curls, rather than just curling them.

3. Curl the bottom lashes as well.

4. You could use the tip of the curler to curl the bottom lashes. This will help you get to the shorter lashes at the outer and inner corner of eyes.

5. Apply about 2 coats of mascara base. Wait around 10 seconds between application of each coat. This will help thicken your lashes considerably.

6. Use a lash comb to comb out any clumps.

7. Now, this is the step that changes everything. Use your finger to gently lift up your eyelid. Using only the tip of your black mascara comb, push the roots of your lashes upwards. You are only applying mascara to the roots of your lashes (of course, you might get some mascara to the rest of your lashes by accident, as seen from above photo =D). This will create a firm foundation at the roots of your lashes and hold the curls up for a longer time!

8. Wait for the mascara at the roots of your lashes to be 60-70% dry. Then, apply mascara to the rest of your lashes in the usual zig-zag manner (I actually forgot to take a pic for this step!). Apply around 2-3 coats. Wait 5 sec at least between coats to create maximum volume. If you encounter clumps along the way, you can always comb them out with your lash comb later!

9. Use the tip of your mascara brush to apply mascara to lower lashes.

10. If you accidentally smudged mascara to your skin, no worries! Dub a little bit of moisturizer with a cotton bud (emulsion form recommended. try not to use cream).

11. Carefully 'roll' the cotton bud at the affected area to remove the mascara smudge. The mascara should come easily off!

12. Use the other side of the cotton bud and dub a little bit of foundation. Powder foundation recommended!

13. Touch up on the foundation you have removed while cleaning away the mascara smudge just now.

14. You could use your finger to gentle press your lashes to make them curl better!

15. Alternatively, use your electric curler again to lift any 'spidey' lashes. Take note to use your curler at the tips, ONLY,of your lashes to 'set' the curls. Do not apply to the roots of your lashes anymore, as the heat from the curler might 'melt' the mascara if you let the curler touch your lashes for too long.

16. Do the same for lower lashes.

To be honest, usually I spend the most time on my mascara application everyday (10-15 min). It really makes a difference to your makeup if you apply your mascara well.

I hope this tutorial has helped your in one way or another!!
Please let me know what you think!

7 comments: said...

Fab guide!

I think people don't realise sometimes ho hard it is for Asian girls to keep their lashes curled all day. It's one of the first things I look for with a new mascara. It definately takes some effort to keep them pointing up!

ashura said...

Hi Comsmetic-Candy,
I can't agree more! I am always looking out for good mascaras that curl well and I still haven't found a favorite yet!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Wow, does it stay curled all day? Do you need a waterproof formula? It's a lot of steps!! LOL but I guess to achieve curled lashes, Asians must have to put in the time! :p

InsideOut Elle said...

whoa, I gotta try the adding just to the roots thing. I just bought an electric curler and I'm a little scared to use it >< it gets so hot! Can you accidentally burn your eye? (sorry if that's a stupid question ><)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial! I'll try this :D

ashura said...

Hi Jen & Elle,
I have replied to you at your blogs =)

audrey said...

great tutorial!! i really love your blog, keep up the good work :)
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