Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail, Lucido-L Designing Pot & Sexy Girl Night Repair Oil Essence

I have not blogged for a few days... and that's because I am down with flu...! Sob sob... =(

Then, I have been wearing 2 amazing outfits, perfect to do LOTDs, but I have been going home at 6pm+ everyday, so impossible to take any photos to show you guys... quite upset!

So... before I post more tutorials/LOTDs again, there are these few great hair products that I want to share with all my readers today ^^

Some hair care products first...

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail SGD13.90 (I think)

This is the product I use on my hair extension since I got them a month ago! As I am lazy to do anything to my hair at night, I use this in the morning before I head out to work. There are 2 layers of liquid in this product; so I mix the layers by shaking the bottle, spray directly onto my hair, concentrating at the hair ends. Then, I just brush out the tangles in my hair... and that's it! This is really great for a lazy person like me (when it comes to hair)! I think this product does smooth my hair extension considerably, bearing in mind the fact that hair extensions dry up pretty easily, as they don't get the nutrients from my scalp. I would buy this again since its so easy to use, and so affordable, if I don't get interested in other new products (which is quite unlikely hahaha).

This product has a citrus scent... so if you don't like scented products, this is not for you!

Sexy Girl Night Repair Oil Essence SGD26.90 (I think??)

A runny oil texture

I used to use this at night, and then the Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail in the morning, until I started to find this a bit too oily for my extensions. Usually, following the instructions on the packaging, I will apply about 4 pumps of the essence to my damp hair, massage to the hair ends, and blow dry if I am not lazy! The hair de-tangles and softens, but the next day my hair ends will appear a little too oily. So I stopped using it and swatched to the cocktail instead.

Lucido-L Designing Pot, #Smash Fixer, SGD9.90 (I suppose...)

Thick, sticky texture

Okie I saved the best for the last... I LOVE this hair wax! I have fine and limpy hair. And this is the only hair product that keeps my hair in relative, though not 100%, control. I use it to keep my curls and fringe in place. This is the wax I used in my Overnight Wavy Hair tutorial and Princess Party Look . As it has quite a sticky texture, I can create lots of volume at the crown of my head, and I can also make curls more "bouncy" looking. What I do is take a 20 cents coin amount of the product, rub my hands together and get the wax all over my palms, then scrunch and rub the product onto my hair to create the desired look. I can re-style my hair throughout the day when necessary, and I don't need additional product. Just scrunch and rub the hair again! This product can hold my hair for perhaps... 3 hours? Which is really not bad already! However, the product does leave my hair a little sticky, which some people might not like.

So in conclusion, I recommend the Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail and Lucido-L Designing Pot #Smash Fixer!


Rakhshanda said...

Hey nice post...The products you've recommended sound great.

Dina (XYYan) said...

Hope you feel better soon! I need to try the hair wax too!

Jennifer said...

thanks for doing a review on haircare products! im a complete lazy@$$ when it comes to taking care of my hair and body! usually i head to the salon and asked the hairdresser to make me a haircut which i don't have to fuss around after washing and before going out LOL!! i'm curious about the Liese for sometime (it's not expensive) and lately I got Canmake's Hair Fragrance Oil for free, but i agree with you this kind of oil essence makes my hair turns oily T^T i've stopped using it after a few times and don't know what to do with it now :S

ashura said...

Muahaha Jennifer! You make me laugh~ =D Same here... my oil essence is sitting nicely on my dressing table, and I don't know what to do with it!

InsideOut Elle said...

I've been missing your posts :( but I hope you are feeling better!

eheh "Sexy Girl" ^^;; That oil essence sounds so nice...but I have so much friggin hair and the bottle looks so small...I feel like that I would use the whole bottle in a week :(...

Beauty Addict said...

They sound great! Nover heartd of them before...