Saturday, October 9, 2010

LOTD: Anna Sui Eye Color Duo #03

This is what I did for work yesterday with Anna Sui's Eye Color Duo #03. The photo was taken 9 hours after application (and a day of hectic work) so the colors might seem a bit washed off, especially the color at my lower lash line.

As my workplace is a little conservation for makeup and dressing, I didn't dare to put too much of the product!

This is the palette I used. Gold powder eyeshadow and blue cream shadow. You can see the swatch for this palette here.

First I applied the blue shadow at the outer eyelid, then blended the product slightly upwards to open up my eyes. Then I applied the gold shadow on my inner and middle lid, making sure the color blended with the blue. The area where the 2 colors met became green =) That was it! Simple! Didn't have too much time in the morning to do anything complex...

I loved the lipstick I used. It's a nude beige, newly launched by ZA, perfect to go with anything, especially smokey eye makeup. I will probably write more about this lipstick in my coming posts. As I didn't reapply the lipstick to take this photo, the color isn't really that beige/nude.

Hope you like this look!

Products used:

1) Anna Sui Eye Color Duo #03
2) Anna Sui Mascara Base
3) Maybelline Pulse Perfection Waterproof Vibrating Mascara BK01

1) Maquillage Eye Brow Creator GY921

1) Jill Stuart Blusher Pot #02 Pink Passion

1) ZA Plumber Lips #03 Cinnamon Shimmer


galpal.hi said...

That is so simple and looks great. Za used to be sold here but I haven't seen it for years. I liked their skincare line.


InsideOut Elle said...

Love the colors ^_^

Jess said...

Amazing eyeshadow duo! Love the color combo and the way you applied it! But you are always doing great makeup application anyways, hehe... <3

Nadine Natalin said...

nice lotd :) i love the colors

Haru said...

Love the look! The earrings are very pretty!

ashura said...

ohhh galpal.hi,
Which skincare range is good? Any recommendations?

Thanks Jess! That's really flattering =D

Hi Haru,
Hehe I was wondering if anyone would notice the earrings!

galpal.hi said...

Are you asking about skincare range from ZA or just in general? If you're asking about ZA, I'm not sure since it's been soooo many years ago that I used it. The only thing that I remember using and totally loving was the cleansing gel. It was a gel that you massage into your entire face to remove make up. You could then wipe it off or rinse it off and then use the cleansing foam to wash your face. I loved that way it removed my makeup.


ashura said...

oh yup i was asking about the skincare. maybe i shd go check out the cleansing gel in the store today =)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

What a duo of colors :) Stunning! I've never owned Anna Sui but the colors look so so pretty! :)

ashura said...

Anna Sui has awesome eyeshadows. you shd really get on =)