Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent Lipcolor Hauls (M.A.C/ Maquillage/ ZA)

Last week or so, I was suddenly in the mood for lip color and bought a few from the counters, as well as drugstore. I bought from Maquillage, M.A.C and ZA. To my surprise, ZA turns out to be my favorite!


Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour RD387, SGD43

This is the model use color in the pamphlets. I actually purchased this because I thought that it looked gorgeous on the model. Such intense and glossy color!

So anyway, this is supposed to be a long lasting lip color and involves 2 steps during application. I am sure many readers would have read about this rouge already because this is really not that new anymore. First, I apply the rouge color (color on right side of pic), wait for around 2 minutes for the formula to dry, then apply the gloss on left side of the tube. My experience with the application is that it is better to use a lip brush for precise application, because this color is really quite intense so the lip brush really prevents any uneven application. The rouge color is very lasting, and really stays put as long as I don't eat. However, I did try eating with this on the other day and the color flaked quite horribly. There were really flakes of lip color left on my chopsticks as I was eating. I recommend removing the lip color first before you eat, or else you will end up eating a lot of lip product!! Despite the horrible experience at lunch, I might consider buying other colors next time (because it's so glossy!).

From left to right: lip rouge only (dries semi-matte), lip rouge with gloss, gloss


Since I was in the mood for long lasting lip color, I purchased this shortly after I got the Rouge Enamel Glamour.

M.A.C Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Unlimited, SGD32

M.A.C's classic minimalistic packaging

I would consider this quite a 'bright' muted (??) pink

I find this color a little hard to describe. It is a very visible color (so I consider it bright), but it is not really a bright pink (therefore muted). This lip creme dries matte, and that is why it is more long lasting. Same as Maquillage, it is better to remove color before eating! Or else you will get patches of color on your lips after your meal. This was quite moisturising for me.


This was my first ZA lips color purchase. I am really impressed by it, and probably will buy more when I see nice colors!

I kind of liked the pink plastic packaging!

Pure Shine Lips, SGD13.90 each. Top to bottom: RD4 Lady Red, PK1 Petal Pink (colors appear a bit too bright here, more accurate colors below in the swatch pic)

This is my favorite of the lot. Quite moisturising. I can actually apply this without lip balm. Although the lipstick applies sheer, but you can clearly see the color on your lips. The PK1 is a bright pink (hmmm more blue kind of pink... if you know what I mean, gives you a dolly look) and RD4 is a SUPER PRETTY shimmery red. I love RD4. It is red, but not that red. Gives my lips a really sweet and shimmery color. Highly recommended for those who wants to try red, but find red too intense for frequent wear.

Plumper Lips SGD17.90, Cinnamon Shimmer #03

I believe that this is a new product. This has a moisturising formula with fill-up collagen, and that is why your lips is supposed to appear more plump after application. This is the color I wore for my Anna Sui LOTD last week. I think this is a very good color if you want nude lips! Goes with anything, from sweet makeup to smokey eyes =)

Plumper Lip Gloss SGD9.90, Playful Pink #09

This is new with the Plumper Lips. Nothing really special about this color. Just a regular pink gloss. Also comes in red, other pinks and nude, the regular colors. The other colors might be better than this one I have picked! Nothing much to talk about this gloss. The formula is not too watery, not too sticky, just right. I might look at the other colors again (since it's so affordable).

From left to right: Pure Shine Lips RD4 Lady Red, Pure Shine Lips PK1 Petal Pink, Plumper Lips #03 Cinnamon Shimmer, Plumper Lip Gloss #09 Playful Pink

In conclusion, I love everything I got, especially the ZA Pure Shine Lips RD4 Lady Red.


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