Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video Tutorial: Barbie Doll Look

I didn't expect myself to be uploading this video so soon... but because I was so excited about this look, I finished editing it yesterday! So here it is!

I really had lots of fun doing this look, as I seldom wear bright color lipsticks and I like this lipstick from Laneige a lot! I think I have gotten the lighting and all better this time. What I need to do next is to figure out how to film this in HD. Managed to do it by accident when I was doing the Princess Party Look ^^;


Products used:

1) Coffret D'ore CM Eyes #03 (main palette)
2) Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes #07 Layered Gem (only the silver)
3) M.A.C Eye Kohl in Fascinating (white)
4) M.A.C Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved (black)
5) Lash Specialist Long & Seperate Mascara

1) Paul & Joe Brow Powder #01

1) Laneige Mystic Veil Blusher

1) Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick RP49


geraldine peh said...


alvira said...

You sure look like a cute little barbie I love this tutorial ,can you do a video tutorial on how you apply your foundation

galpal.hi said...

This is really a cute look on you. Thanks for sharing your technique on doing this look.

To answer your question about the Dior EOTD that I did, the swirled color comes out to kind of a silvery color. I'm in the process of working on doing a "Take 2" EOTD using this same technique and have taken a picture of just that step. It'll be posted up soon.


MEOW said...

u remind me of snow white!! :)

ashura said...

I am so glad you all like this look because it was so much fun doing it!

Hi galpal.hi,
Sure! I will do a foundation tutorial soon =)

It must be the hair and the lipstick!

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

this is sooo cute and pretty but nah I won't try to walk out with that brigh lippie hahaha

wuguimei said...

cutee :P you totally looked like a doll by the end, lol.

and for the twitter app, you just go to design and add HTML!

InsideOut Elle said...

^_^ already commented on ur YT but I Was wondering, where did you get your sunglasses? They look so good on you!

ashura said...

Hihi, I actually purchased the sunglasses from Levi's. Its fitting is really just right for me!

Anonymous said...

you look so cute and pretty! I love the hairband on you too