Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tutorial: Anna Sui Glamorous Angelic Glittering Mermaid Inspired Look

I loved this look the moment I set my eyes on it!

Anna Sui Glamorous Angelic Look
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I photographed this tutorial before I looked at the original again, so after doing the tutorial I realised that my version is sort of different from original… oh well… hope you will like it nevertheless!

Inspired Look

Products used:
1. Anna Sui Double Eye Color 01 (reddish brown + indigo blue)
3. Shu Uemura drawing pencil 03 ME Blue
4. Stella Eyelashes AG3312
(have not bought from their online shop before, but I always go to their physical shop...)

The Steps:

1. Apply the reddish brown of Anna Sui Double Eye Color all over eyelid.

2. Apply indigo blue to the outer corner of eyelid. Blend using a small blending brush.

3. Apply indigo blue to the lower lash line. Intensify the color of upper eyelid if necessary and blend out any harsh edges. If you want to do this look, make sure the blue is intense. If you prefer a more 'natural' look and use less blue, this kind of vibrant shade will look 'dirty' instead of 'natural'.

4. Line your upper and lower lash line with a dark blue eyeliner with shimmer. Using a liner without shimmer will make the look more serious and less chic.

5. Apply a silver shimmery eyeshadow to the upper and lower inner corner of eyes.

6. Apply black mascara.

7. Apply eye glitter to the middle of eyelid and over the indigo blue eyeshadow.

8. To make the look more fun I put on blue eyelashes.

I aim to make my looks wearable and simple, suitable for everyone! I hope you have liked this one =D


♥ Liz W ♥ said...

the blue falsie really bring an essence to the look! like it =D!

Jacqueline said...

This is gorgeous! I love blues, the blue false lashes look amazing, it pulls the look together.

MissKatv said...

very nice tutorial. wow blue falsies!
hope to see more of this posts :)
Kat -

Steph said...

Your look is gorgeous~~~
love the intensity of the blue =D

Lucy said...

The blue eyelashes really make this look amazing. Boy i want some of those anna sui products!

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

WOW....this tutorial is the blue and silver theme....glamorous but wearable...

Anonymous said...

I think you always look so goregous in blue! the blue is so sparkly n pretty :)