Monday, May 30, 2011

New Looks in Seconds Part 1: How to Wear Hair Wigs & Hair Extensions - Japanese Big Curls & Rebonded Hair Looks!

This is Part 1 of my latest Hair Extension & Hair Wig Tutorials!
It's been a long time since I wrote a proper post =)

This tutorial will be especially helpful to those who love to change your looks everyday.


Hair Wig: Shoulder Length with Side Swept Fringe

Hair Wig: Super Long Rebonded Hair with Bangs

Temporary Hair Extensions: Big Japanese Curls

So… let's get down to it!

LOOK 1- Big Japanese Curls (hair extensions)

1. If you have straight hair, you need to curl your hair with heated hair thongs before putting on the extensions.

2. Shake the hair extensions gently to loosen the curls. Mine is 1 big piece for the whole head.

3. These hair extensions are clip-ons. All you need to do is to open the clips, hook the clips onto your hair and fasten them again!

4. Take a small section of hair from the crown of your head.

5. Put in place with a hair clip.

6. Place the hair extensions below the clipped section of hair. Fasten the clips of the hair extensions.

7. Release the section of hair at your crown...

… and DONE!! Natural! Isn't it??

I love this look!

LOOK 2- Shoulder Length Hair with Side Swept Fringe (hair wig)

1. First, wear a hair cap. There are a variety of hair caps for sale. Some come in the form of 'socks', but mine looks like a hair net with an open top.

2. If you have very long hair, you will need to tie the hair up first, as close to the nape of your neck as possible. I find that it looks the most natural that way. If you tie the hair too high up, you will see a bulge at the back of your head after you put the hair wig on. As my hair is still quite short, I just clip up my fringe and wear the hair cap without tying.

3. Inside the wig, there are 2 ear tabs on each front/side of the wig to indicate where to position your hair wig. Position these right in front of your ears.

4. With each hand holding each side of the ear tab, put the wig on, front first, then back.

5. Adjust the back of the hair wig. Fasten with bobbi pins if you feel that the wig is too loose.

Totally different look!

The side view is absolutely natural.

Wonderful back view.

LOOK 3- Rebonded Long Hair with Bangs (hair wig)

The questions most of you have right now would probably be these…??:

1. Are hair extensions heavy?
My answer: Really depends. Usually, if it is a piece of full head extensions, it can get a little heavy after 2-3 hours of wear or so. I do not recommend wearing them if you know you are going to be out the whole day. You might end up with a headache afterwards. However, these are really great if you are just out for a date/ girls' night out at the clubs =)

2. Is it very hot to wear wigs? (especially in Singapore)
My answer: Can be quite hot, if you are outdoors. Usually if I am wearing a wig, I will make sure I stay in an air-conditioned place most of the time. Hair wigs are great for functions, or when you just feel like changing your look for the day.

Care for your hair wigs and extensions:

1. You do not need to wash your wigs/extensions after every wear. But do wash them if you have sweat a lot/ have worn enough times. Dilute some normal shampoo in a basin of water. Shake your wig/extension in the mixture a few times and rinse with water.

2. Pat the wig/extension dry with a towel and allow to air dry. If you have a wig stand, place wig/extension (especially wig) on the stand for drying.

3. Use a wig comb if you have to comb the hair. NEVER comb hair wigs/ extensions that have curls. The curls will be damaged if you comb them =)

All the hair wigs and hair extensions used here are from Girlhairdo. I accidentally came across their page and went down to the shop to get some. I am not advertising for them, but I think I sound like I am!! MUAHAHAHAHHA I just love what I bought ^^

Pls look forward to Part 2 of my Hair Extension & Hair Wig Tutorials soon! I hope you have liked this one!


slowbrogal said...

Aww...I like the Japanese Big Curls. It's good that you get your hair wig/extension the color that match ur hair. My hair color is too unique to get one.

ashura said...

Hi Slowbrogal,
Yup yup I am so lucky! Finding the right color hair extensions was one of the toughest thing for me! I wanted the extensions to match my real hair exactly~ I assume your hair is red?

Steph said...

you look amazing in all 3 looks =D

Anonymous said...

i think wigs looks amazing on you! you pulled off each look very well!

Anonymous said...

i'd love to have you do my hair one day! the wigs look very difficult for me. LOL

InsideOut Elle said...

You're pulling off all these looks really well! I think loose curls look best on you but that last pic with long straight hair is very sexy ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the long wig with the bang, that's'looks natural and pretty on you. Do you know what is the material of these wigs? There is no precision on girlhairdo website.

ashura said...

Hi Isa,
I believe it's made from some artificial fibre. It looks very realistic and not too shiny like some wigs (but does look like very very healthy hair), but only thing is cannot be used with heated curling irons or straighteners :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) i have order one wig a few day ago and i have just visit on yesstyle and i saw Claire Beauty wig which seems to be amazing. You can you heat on it. I think that i will order on yesstyle too to compare the 2 wigs.

I have never try wig and i'm a little bit afraid that it's'moove when we are wearing it lol.

ashura said...

You're welcome! Pls do update which wig is better if you could :) Usually the wig would not move, so it should be ok!!

Anonymous said...

^___^ sur i'll do it when i will receive it. I'm so hurry! I wonder if we can wear it everyday.

ashura said...

Hmmmm… i guess might be better not to wear everyday, so that our natural hair can breathe a bit.. just assuming LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL ;p you're right i think that it might be hot under the wig.

Lee said...


I love the wigs you're wearing and was wondering where you bought them?
Thanks :)

ashura said...

Hi Lee ^^
I got them from