Saturday, May 7, 2011

2011 Anna Sui Beach Collection *Limited Edition*

I splurged. I am seldom able to resist when Anna Sui launches a new collection -- because I simply love vibrant colours and glitters! Anna Sui just launched a new limited edition collection, The Beach Collection. I love everything about this - from packaging to colours. The theme is Glittering Mermaid.

Double Eye Color, 0.8g, $39 each

Comes with double sponge applicators

Sponge picks up the eyeshadow which is inside the cap

The Double Eye Color eyeshadow is convenient to apply as the eyeshadow is in stick form with double sponge applicators. The eyeshadow is inside the cap so when you open the cap, the sponge will pick up the powder from the cap's interior.

Each stick has a frosty shade and a sparkly shade. The frosty shade is usually more intense while the latter more sheer. I am not an expert when it comes to textures, but I think the eyeshadow is a semi cream powder, so the colours apply really well, very pigmented and long lasting.

01 - brownish pink with red shimmer (sheer, sparkly), royal blue (intense, frosty)
02 - gold (quite sheer, sparkly), turquoise (intense, frosty)
03 - pale blue (quite sheer, sparkly), violet (intense, frosty)
05 - apple green (light but not as sheer, sparkly), yellowish gold (intense, frosty)
07 - silver (very sheer, sparkly), green (intense, frosty)

So far, I think my favourite is 01.

Eye Makeup Set 01, $58

The make set comes with a lovely tin box and consists of an eye glitter and a waterproof colour mascara.

Color Mascara Waterproof, 3.5ml

A vibrant violet, with matches well with pink, purple, blue, green and gold eyeshadow colours~

Glittering Eye Color 01 (Mascara-Eye Color), 3.5ml

This has clear base color with multi color glitters. The texture is a little like lipgloss, which takes sometime to dry after application. It can be applied to both the eyelids and eyelashes. It gives any eye makeup look a lovely glittery finish!

From left to right: glitter (alone), Double Eye Color 01 with glitter compared to without glitter

Pedicure Set 02, $78

The set comes in a cylindrical tin and consists of a set of toe separators, 2 nail polishes and a leg spray.

Leg Spray (leg lotion), 50ml

At first I really thought that this leg spray is totally a waste of money, but after I tried it, I love it! It has the Anna Sui signature rose scent and leaves my tired legs and feet relaxed. There is menthol in this leg spray, that is why it gives my legs a cooling sensation when applied.

Nail Color P, 5ml each

Left: 150, right: 950

Shade 150 is a frosty + shimmery turquoise whereas shade 950 is a translucent green glitter polish with big pieces of square gold glitters and small green ones.

I didn't swatch them on my nails as I could't get a clear picture of the colours on my nails.

For more details about this range, you can read it here!


Julia said...

Love #02 and the nail polishes! <3

Steph said...

Everything is so pretty =D I loveeeee all the packaging!!!

Joyce said...

love the polishes!!!

InsideOut Elle said...

omg the packaging is just CRAZY pretty. I have yet to try any Anna Sui stuff but the polishes are so tempting!