Thursday, May 5, 2011

*Limited Edition* Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes Amazonite Dazzle 102 & Sparkling Morganite 103

I picked up the 2 Jill Stuart limited edition eyeshadows from Gooddealer last week. This time, though the packaging is gorgeous, I was attracted to these palettes because of the colours, rather than the packaging.

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes

Amazonite Dazzle 102

Without flash

With flash

From left to right: silver, moss green, dark moss green-blue, reddish brown

With flash

The colours of this palette are very untypical of Jill Stuart. I guess that is why I see more bloggers buying this than Sparkling Morganite? I bought this palette because I thought that the 3rd shade of the palette looks like dark turquoise from the photo on Gooddealer... Personally, the shade looks more like dark moss green with blue-ish hues, rather than dark blue with greenish hues… a little disappointed, I must say!

However, what is interesting about this palette is the last shade, the reddish brown. Instead of being extremely sparkly like the 1st 3 shades, this brown is more frosty than sparkly! I tried layering the brown over the green, but the brown is not dark enough to use as liner, so I probably will have to use it as a blending shade at the outer corner of eyes. I have to experiment further before I can tell how these 4 shades work best together.

Sparkling Morganite 103

Without flash

With flash

From left to right: champagne, light pink, purplish pink, dark grey/black

With flash

I had high hopes for this palette as I thought that the 2 middle shades are dusty pink and dusty purple. To my surprise, the 2 shades turn out pretty 'pink' instead of 'dusty'. Fortunately, when I tested the shades on my eyes, they give my eyes a really sweet and sparkly look! I really like how intense the dark grey/black is. It is very dark and very good as a shadow liner.

Just like all Jill Stuart eye palettes, it is recommended that eye primer is used prior to eye shadow application as the texture of the eyeshadow is, as usual, powdery, not silky.

In conclusion, I must admit I am disappointed. The products did not turn out as I expected, and they are not that unique after all. They look pretty on, all sparkly and glamorous, but just not what I wanted when I made the purchase.


Rakhshanda said...

Love both the palettes!! they have awesome shades <3

Blair said...

Not too keen on both palettes, but the LE factor makes them hard to resist!!

102 looks a tad muddy whereas 103 seems typical JS =[

ashura said...

I kinda agree with you, Blair =( that is why I am disappointed...
But I guess they are still quite awesome if you like sparkly eyeshadow~

Steph said...

i love the Amazonite Dazzle in the palette~ but not so crazy about the colors swatched =[