Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Looks in Seconds Part 2: How to Wear Hair Extensions - Straight Fringe, Loose Bun & Party Ponytail!

This is part 2 of my hair extension tutorial! I think this tutorial is much more fun, as compared to part 1.

Loose Bun! Every's girl must-try hairdo!

Party Ponytail - 'Korean-fies' any look

Straight fringe - look different in seconds, literally

BEFORE: boring short side fringe

…and medium curls at the back

Look 1 - Straight fringe (hair extension)

1. Pin up your fringe with bobbi pins.

2. There are two clips at the back of the hair extension.

3. Clip the fringe into place.

Done! Super easy =)

Look 2- Loose Bun (hair extension)
My favorite!

1. Tie up your hair. You can position the bun higher for a funky & youthful look, or lower for a sweet & feminine look.

2. Roll the ponytail into a small bun.

My friends really laughed when they saw this bun!

3. Put the loose bun over your real hair bun.

4. Pull the string to secure the bun in place.

5. Wrap the string around bun and hide it underneath the extension.

6. Use bobbi pins to secure the bun.


Really easy =D

Look 3 - Party Ponytail (hair extension)

1. Tie your hair into a short ponytail.

Hair extension comes with a big hair clip (okie photos might look a little disturbing…?)

2. Just clip the ponytail over your real ponytail!

YAY!! Complete!

I think the hair fringe and loose bun are great. Really easy to wear and don't cause much discomfort. I love the ponytail too - but it can feel quite heavy. I would only wear the tail for special functions…

Feel like wearing the loose bun tomorrow… after doing this post!

I got everything from Girlhairdo.


ShinyPrettyThings said...

omg these extensions are amazing!!! the fringe one is so cool. i still can't figure out how that works lol. I love the bun!! But the difficult part is finding the perfect color to match otherwise ppl are gonna figure it out! LOL

cushy said...

i have the fake bangs. pretty funny and it looks great. too bad my hair color don't match anymore.

ashura said...

Yup Yup I so agree with you guys. The biggest problem I had was finding extensions in the right color to match my current hair color. However, I find that the best way to hide slight inconsistency of hair color is to tie or clip the extensions up. I think that helps a lot :)

Anonymous said...

the bun looks really natural and awesome!

InsideOut Elle said...

omg these posts are so cool - it's amazing how looks change with hair extensions! They much your natural hair color really well! The party ponytail does look kind of scary with the clip peeking out ^_^ eheh like jaws