Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jill Stuart Foundation

Casing: for Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N, NT450
Powder: Jill Stuart Moist Silk Powder Foundation (refill), NT1050, 9g

When I got this in Taiwan, the beauty advisor actually gave me the casing for the Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N while she recommended me the Moist Silk Powder Foundation for refill, as I said that I wanted something which provided coverage, but also suitable for touch ups. I wanted to get a compact for touch ups only as I still prefer liquid foundation to powder foundation after trying so many different types of foundations.

I admit that I chose Jill Stuart as I just wanted to own a pretty compact -_- I am glad I took photographs in the hotel right after getting this as I dropped the compact and the powder just shattered last week *sigh!*

Anyway, so I tested it out before it shattered, and I think this is a decent enough (though not impressive) foundation. I got it in Ivory, which matched my M.A.C NC-20 very well. Texture wise, I think it is more powdery than silky. The powder doesn't seem that finely milled as it is not very silky and smooth to the touch. There is definitely some illuminating particles added to the powder as when applied, I can see some subtle reddish/pinkish shimmer that makes my skin more radiant. I like it for touch ups, as it does a decent job in making my face matte for an hour or so before I need to blot again. I tried using it as foundation, and applied it with the sponge provided, patting the powder onto my face. I did not finish it with loose powder. I felt that the foundation was not really that lasting and my skin felt a little oily after a short while. To be fair, I always get the same result when I use powder foundation as foundation!

The powder foundation comes with SPF15 PA++, and has Jill Stuart's signature floral scent, which I simply love =)

In Summary,

Texture: Not silky enough, would prefer it to be smoother
Coverage: Medium
Sun Protection: SPF15 PA++
Oil Control: Average
Lasting power: Average, not impressed!
Color: Ivory
Scent: Floral

Overall: 2.5/5
A foundation I would buy for the packaging.

Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Liquid Foundation, NT1250, 30ml

Comparatively, I like this liquid foundation much more!! This is Jill Stuart's latest liquid foundation from their 2011 summer collection.

The texture of the foundation is more on the runny side than creamy, as you can see from the last photo. When tested at the back of the hand, the foundation might appear quite sheer, but it actually covers pretty well. I can't really say I know what is full coverage, but this is a foundation I would reach for on bad days as I think the coverage is good. What I like about this is that it gives a real semi-matte finish, and to some people who like the dewy look, the finish might look matte enough not to set with loose powder. For me, I always set with loose powder for a more flawless look. It feels refreshing on face, not oily at all! I also like the oil control, as my face seems to have less shine than usual, compared to when I use BB cream. What I find disappointing about most new foundations is that, a lot of times when I start using it, the oil control is excellent; but when I use it for a few more days, the oiliness just comes back. So far, this hasn't happened to this foundation yet, and I have been using it for 2 weeks already. Like the powder foundation, Jill Stuart has included some illuminating ingredient for more radiant looking skin.

The liquid foundation comes with SPF20 PA++, and has the same mild floral scent. If I apply with fingers, I use 2 pumps. When I apply with sponge, I need 3.

Before - ekks! Look at the blotchy skin!

After - without loose powder

After - with loose powder

From the above photo, you can really see the difference, isn't it??

Texture: Quite runny like lotion, not creamy
Coverage: Medium to full…?
Sun Protection: SPF20 PA++
Oil Control: Good
Lasting power: Very good
Color: Ivory
Scent: Floral

Overall: 5/5
I really like this! I might not re-purchase, not because it's not good enough, but there are just too many new foundations to try! However, I will definitely try other Jill Stuart liquid foundations!


FashionableAsians said...

Great review! If I see it on sale I'd give it a try ;P I love the packaging, its so cute amd girly

cushy said...

the compact case is so pretty. would be great to use as an on-the-go mirror as well.

Aicha said...

Ahhh! I've always wanted a Jill Stuart foundation! They are all so pretty...

It's terrible that your powder broke! I would be in tears.

aMz88 said...

i love the Liquid Fonda Bottle <3

ShinyPrettyThings said...

wow the packaging of Jill Stuart stuff always blows my mind. ahhh it's too adorable!!! The foundation looks like it works great on you! Every time I go to Taiwan, I have to resist not buying the entire Jill Stuart counter >.<

Fern Li said...

I really want Jill Stuart foundation!! :( I'm not sure if they sell it here though T-T I think they only sell everything else but base makeup lol. >>
I'm too scared to buy online incase the colour I get doesn't match my skin!! D: I could always make do with it. hahaha!
Can you unscrew the pump part?

ashura said...

Hi Fern Li,
Yup I can unscrew the pump part :)
Hmmm I agree that is always the problem buying foundation online. I also prefer to test out at counter!!

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

Sorry to hear about the smashed annoying! The liquid foundation looks good....I'm tempted to try it!

ashura said...

Yup yup!! It's my favourite foundation now as it really works for me. Though it can't totally control my oil (I doubt any foundation can make me matte the whole day), the sheen on my face looks more like the dewy sort instead of the gross sort!

hoyoyi said...

great blog you have! enjoy reading it~~