Monday, June 6, 2011

From Pazzion: Bag & Shoes of the Month

This is my favourite bag and my pair of favourite shoes this month.
Ok, only 6 days have passed for this month, but I have been using this bag and wearing this pair of heels everyday…

I got both of them from Pazzion, and from what I know, they are not new arrivals. I have seen them from the shops for quite some time, especially the bag. I guess they must be pretty popular so the shops keep repeating stocks - for a good reason! They are gorgeous!

Bag comes with detachable strap to use bag as sling bag.

Made of soft leather and has many compartments inside the bag

The heels stand at around 2.5", very comfortable, and matches extremely well with bag. Goes with everything!

Many ways to carry the bag:
Very fashionable when matched with casual clothing: like oversized white shirt and jeans

Feminine look with dress, skirt/ pants

Use as sling bag and match with a romper, maxi dress, checked shirt… anything

GREAT BUY, eh (at 20% off as well)?


cushy said...

i've never heard of pazzion. where is it from? tan color goes well with everything :P

Jess said...

Very feminine style! I love the neutral beige colors a lot! <3

ashura said...

Hihi Cushy,
Pazzion is a brand founded in 2001. They make shoes and bags made of leather, but at an affordable price. Usually heels are priced at around $60-$90 (SGD), depending on the designs. They use a lot of crystals and some shoes look quite glamorous! Of course, they also make shoes suitable for work. Here is their website, if you are interested =)

Anonymous said...

beautiful bag and shoes. and may I say beautiful figure too? :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, how much was the lovely bag? U got it at which outlet?i tot i didn't see it at junction 8 outlet. Thks.


ashura said...

I got the bag from the Wisma branch. It was $69. I paid less though as it is my bday month :)

InsideOut Elle said...

It's kind of funny but I didn't like the bag in the first few pics but in the ones you are modeling WITH it - it looks a lot prettier. ^^ I like the lovely nude colors though!

dustyrose said...

Hi Ashura, could you please let me know where you got your outfit? Love the draped top & skirt combo :))

ashura said...

Hi Dustyrose,
It's actually a dress and I got it from Love, Bonito (online blogshop). Unfortunately, it just got sold out =( But they have great stuff, so you might want to take a look anyway!


dustyrose said...

Thanks so much for your help, Ashura :))

ashura said...

No problem =)