Wednesday, June 15, 2011

JUST FOR FUN POLL!! Who is your favorite Sanrio character?

Hi EVERYBODY!! I am back from Taipei =)

This is a very random post ~
I just feel like creating this poll because my mind is filled with Hello Kitty now =D

3 main things I bought from Taipei:

a. Jill Stuart
b. Masks (so affordable in Taiwan!!)
c. HELLO KITTY!! I got some clothes, masks, pouches etc. I hope I will not be too lazy to post about them the next few days =p

I included the characters I find really adorable from Sanrio. Please take part and join in the fun!
Poll is on the left hand side of the page, just beside the LABELS =)


Lauren said...

I liked Afro Ken x

Xen Lee ♥ said...

I also visited Taipei in Feb but I STILL havent gotten round to uploading my post!! *roarr* Did you manage to eat at the Hello Kitty Cafe?

Btw I voted for Little Twin Stars but I actually like Hello Kitty and Pom Pom Purin very much too.. hehe. Looking forward to your Taipei post!


Jacqueline said...

My favourite is My Melody. When I was small a teacher told me I looked like My Melody so I guess it kinda stuck to me.

ashura said...

Hihi Xen,
I didn't eat Hello City Cafe! ROAR!! I didn't even know there was one =( Sigh I need to do better research next time!

ashura said...

Hehe Jacqueline,
That is really sweet of your teacher =)

aMz88 said...

Cina :D