Friday, June 17, 2011

Jill Stuart Kitten Eyes & 2011 Summer Collection

~Kitten Eyes and 2011 Summer Collection from Jill Stuart~

I intended to buy the gel liner and brush only, after reading about them on the website… but as you can see, I ended up with these:

False Eyelashes, NT500 each (approx SGD22)

I got tempted to buy the lashes after I saw how pretty they looked on both the SAs at the counter. One matched light color eyeshadow with 02, and the other matched pink & plum eyeshadow with 01.

01 Dolly Type

The lashes are thicker for 01. The gold lashes should be worn near to the outer corner of lash line. At first, I thought that these are only suitable for parties, but they actually looked quite wearable on the SA! I think I will dare to wear them to town.

02 Feminine Type

The lashes are less thick, but longer at the outer corners. The purple lashes are less outstanding as compared to the gold, but just as beautiful! Probably suitable for those who want something different, but do not want to overdo it.

Haven't tried these yet. Cant wait!

Jelly Eye Color N, NT720 each (approx SGD31)

14 Dazzling Tears

16 Romantic Cat

Left: 16 Romantic Cat. Right: 14 Dazzling Tear

16 Romantic Cat is a vibrant pink, almost fuchsia. The pink is close to the strawberry pink in the Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes PK330 Strawberry Pink palette, but with much more shimmer. Some who are not used to pinks might not find this shade so wearable, unless used moderately at the outer corner of eyes.

14 Dazzling Tear has a champagne base with pink shimmer. Matches very well with 16 Romantic Cat. Creates contrast between the 2 shades.

Gel Eyeliner, 01 Black Cat

I used the eyeliner brush to draw lines of different thickness. For the thickest line in the photos above, I drew a normal line and smudged it with the brush. I think the texture of the gel liner is quite soft and creamy and very easy to spread/smudge. I haven't worn it out yet, so am not very sure how lasting it is. However, I tried lining my eyes with these, and it was very easy to do so.

Eyeliner brush comes with the usual JS style charm, one side with crystal, the other side engraved with a 'J', NT680 (approx SGD29)

Brush is of good quality. It is easy to control the thickness of lines with it. The bristles are soft yet 'Q'. According to the packaging, it says that the brush can be used for up to 5 years.

To be fair, I have not really used the products yet, so I cannot say how satisfied I am with them yet. However, color and quality wise (brush), I am happy with what I got!


Jeeya (De Frozen) said...

this is so cute :) Why the hell they are not available in Pakistan :(

MiuMiu said...

*gasp* i want the gel liner so badly! but probably just cuz of the packaging... i wonder how it'll hold up against sweat and oil? i've tried mac and bobbi brown and those smudge on me >_<

ashura said...

Hi MiuMiu,
I hope it will hold up against sweat & oil!! I will update once I have tried it =)

Anonymous said...

what a lovely haul! so pretty the swatches!

Jacqueline said...

I love the lashes especially the gold and purple ends. I would love to see you use them. Great haul!