Friday, June 17, 2011

Majolica Majorca Aurora Tear Liner (Pink & Blue)

This is the latest limited edition glitter eyeliner from Majolica Majorca.

I haven't seen these in stores in Singapore yet (haven't visited the Watson's at Wisma though), but I got them in Taiwan at NT350 each (SGD15).

It comes in 2 colors - pink & blue.

The glitters in the liners aren't really the 'solid' kind of glitters you see in the more common glitter liners like those in gold or silver. They are the type that look kind of 'translucent', but sparkle like crazy and change colors when seen at different angles under lights.

They can be used as normal liner or applied to the eyelashes for that additional sparkle. Personally, I don't like putting glitter on my eyelashes as it looks like glue, or worse, looks like I put on mascara base and has forgotten to wear black mascara (as glitter kind of look whitish on lashes).

I find that these liners look best when drawn at the lower lash line, to create that lovely 'tearing' effect. Okok, I know what you are thinking! Nope I don't want to look like I am crying, what I mean is that the glitter makes the eyes look more watery (in the nice sort of way) and sparkly, the effect you get when you wear contact lenses. Like in Chinese '水旺旺的眼睛' =p

As the base color is clear, I swatch them over black eyeliner so that the colors come out better. The colors don't look really that different just by looking at the tube, but luckily, they are quite different once I try using them.

In my opinion, blue looks cooler, so is more suitable for smokey eyes. Probably will look great with grey and dark green eyeshadow etc. Pink is much sweeter and will be great for romantic looks. I can imagine wearing it with pink and brown eyeshadow.

I think the glitter is quite lasting for me, still can see the glitter after 3-4 hours, though I think will probably need to touch up if you want to wear it for the whole day. I need to draw a few layers to bring out that really glittery effect. The drying time seems faster than normal glitter liners - like I still dare to blink my eyes right after application.


Rakhshanda said...

Woww they are gorgeous <3Thanks for the swatches honey!!!!

Jeeya (De Frozen) said...

wow ...they are looking beautiful...

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

SOOO pretty! :) I like how glittery it looks!

Anna said...

Beautiful swatches, what a good idea to swatch them over a black eye liner. I'll definitely get both!

Joyce said...

These look amazing!!