Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Hello Kitty T-Shirt + Yasashii Pink Plastic Straw Bag

Went out to meet my ex-colleague + friend today. This is my outfit!

Hello Kitty wide Neck T-shirt, grey jeggings, white round toe low heels and Yasashii pink handwoven plastic straw bag.

Matched with a bright pink beach bag!

Wide, spacious bag

All Yasashii bags come with a charm like this

Bought a fluffy bear accessory to match (also from Yasashii)

As the bag doesn't have a zip, I thought it is better that I put my keys & money etc in pouches

Hello Kitty ones! Got them last minute at the airport

A little encounter I had with the Hello Kitty pouches. When I stepped into the shop, I saw these right away, and thought that it would be perfect for my Yasashii bag. I wanted to use up the TWD in my wallet so these would be perfect. Just as I was browsing through other stuff in the store, Miss Long Legs in Shorts came in and picked up the bigger one. I panicked as I had a feeling that it might be the last one. So stupid me asked the SA for a new piece, both the big and small one (I should have just waited for the girl to put it down). The SA looked through the cabinet and said, 'Sorry, that is the last one.'

Ok. So, as you know, when we know we are holding on to the last piece of something pretty and you get a 'competitor', you are not going to put the thing down. Realising how silly I was to let Miss L.L.S know that I wanted that pouch, I decided to walk out of the shop, hoping that she would put it down. Of course she didn't, told her boyfriend, '好可爱哦!' ('This is so cute!') and paid for the pouch. Ok, it was a totally bimbotic and bitchy moment, but I really hated her then, and started criticising how plain she looked to my husband. Opps… sorry Miss L.L.S….

Dejected, I went to browse the cosmetic store, was still really upset, and decided to go back to the Hello Kitty store to get something else. And guess what I saw… yes the pouches!! Apparently, the SA didn't know where the stock was kept, and SA2 happened to know where it was. So… I got the pouches! And new ones!

Really small, insignificant incident, but there are just some things sometimes, you know, people see in stores that they just like, versus have to have! These HK pouches were one of the have to have for me!


Rakhshanda said...

Woww love your top & bag <3

SiSi Sparkles said...

love the outfit! you make it look so effortless :]

cushy said...

congrats that you manage to get those "have to have" pouches.