Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ettusais Medicated Skin Care: To Combat Adult Acne Problems

After finishing my Laneige White Plus Renew trial kit, I decided to try something affordable (as compared to SK-II, Kose, Shiseido etc) to control my adult acne problem. I don't have lots of acne (thank god), but I do get some really irritating ones, especially on nose and area above/under the lips. Those really take a long time to heal!

The most straight forward choice is Ettusais' Medicated Skincare range. I have started using this range for 2 days. I will write down my initial impressions first, and update 2 weeks later =)

Medicated acne nighttime defense powder, White shooter dual effect, AC skincare skin version up extra, Pore care wash

Pore care wash, 125ml, $30

10 cent coin amount for each wash (ok, I squeezed out slightly more here)

Creates a fluffy rich foam with water

From website:
"How it Works:
It cleanses deeply thanks to fluffy foam that catches “unsaturated fatty acid”, the cause of enlarged pores, while gently lifting away impurities. It fights acne bacteria and moisturises with AC Control Oil. IT also conditions rough skin with jojoba oil and does not rob skin of needed moisture."

My 1st impression: This facial wash is very foamy and seems to cleanse really well. Skin feels smooth and pores seems smaller... or am I thinking too much? But skin definitely looks clearer. I like the smell of the cleanser. Smells herb-y... or maybe its the scent of medicated skincare...

AC skincare version up extra, 85ml, $37

Semi-translucent skin softener

From website:
"How it Works:
Soften your skin's surface layer, with this softener. It will penetrate rapidly into the skin after washing your face, optimizing your skin's natural moisture absorption strength so that it absorbs all the goodness of your moisturizer. Prevents pimples as it keeps the skin dewy fresh."

My 1st impression: The softener looks like emulsion, but feels quite watery on skin. Takes a while to be absorbed into skin, so requires a little massaging. No visible effect yet, but texture feels light and not sticky/ oily. Skin feels fresh after application. 1-1.5 pumps to be applied with hands.

White shooter dual effect, 170ml, $43

Translucent and watery!

From website:
"How it Works:
This extremely lightweight moisturizer prevents blemishes from occurring! It has AC control oil which helps to seal the moisture and the goodness of your moisturizer in. It has vitamin C and other brightening ingredients that heal blemishes, lighten acne scars and helps to prevent pockmarks!"

My 1st impression: This is a toner + moisturizer. This is applied after the softener Version up extra. Although texture is watery, it feels moisturising after application. It takes a while to be absorbed. Quite fresh on skin. SA told me that if I want to apply any essence I should apply it after this. For night time, I might want to apply an additional layer of moisturiser if I sleep in an air-conditioned room. So far so good but nothing extraordinary yet. I pump 3 pumps of this onto facial cotton and pat the product into skin. For better absorption, I follow with my usual mini facial massage (10 secs).

Medicated acne nighttime defense powder, 8g, $40

Looks like baby powder!

From website:
How it Works:
A medicated skincare powder that protects your skin from pimples and roughness all night long. The ultra fine powder particles lock moisture in the skin's keratin layer while smoothening out rough skin. Greet each day with fresh and oh-so-smooth skin!

My 1st impression: Easy to apply and removes any dewy/ oily feeling after moisturizer application. I don't like the smell of it though. There is a faint, weird smell as I apply it. I really can't describe it, but I just don't like it.

All the products are oil free, non-comedogenic and colorant free. SA told me all products should last up to 3 months. I will update 2 weeks later!


Xen Lee ♥ said...

Hi there! I have recently started using Ettusais' Pore Care Wash too (for the same reasons as you) and I really like it (: I only got the cleanser alone cause none of my friends have tried it and I know no one who has reviewed the whole range.

I really hope this works for you, then I can go out and get it too :D am following you to keep up with your progress~ (:


Anonymous said...

i remember tried their AC skincare version UP and face powder.. didnt work for me... hope it works for you!

ashura said...

So far 4th day is good! Clearer and less oily skin. Hope that will last!

borabora said...

coucou ce sont des produits qui seraient parfait pour moi !!