Friday, April 22, 2011

O.P.I Pirates of the Caribbean Collection + O.P.I Silver Shatter

O.P.I's latest collection: Pirates of the Caribbean is an AWESOME range ~
I would describe the colours from this range to be 'chalky', as I can really imagine using these colours on the chalk board ~

The formula is good and easy to apply. The colours look 'bumpy' on my nails, not because the formula is streaky or anything, but because my nails are artificial... still haven't removed my gel nails yet. The surface of my gel nails is not exactly even.

O.P.I Pirates of the Caribbean Collection + Silver Shatter

The colours are applied without top coat.

Sparrow Me the Drama, P15

2 coats

Sparrow Me the Drama is a muted purplish pink. I find myself drawn to this the more I look at it =) Any pink lovers would adore this!

Stranger Tides, P17

3 coats, I think 2 coats should do on natural nails.

This happens to be my favourite colour of the lot! Just a glance of it the colour is light grey. But when you look closely, it is actually a greenish grey! This is a really unique colour to me =)

Mermaid's Tears, P18

2 coats

Mermaid's Tears was the first colour that caught my attention. It is a pastel dusty green that looks surprisingly flattering on my nails. The SA told me this is one of the more popular shades in the collection. The colour looks slightly lighter and dustier in real life.

I didn't buy Planks a Lot (dusty medium purple), Skull and Bones (light grey) and Steady as a Rose (light pastel pink). I thought the colours are a little common. I took out some of my own older colours to play with the Silver Shatter.

Thumb: China Glaze Light as Air
Index: OPI Sparrow Me the Drama
Middle: OPI Stranger Tides
Ring: OPI Mermaid's Tears
Little: Nubar Citadel

OPI Silver Shatter

The OPI Silver Shatter is just as cool as the Black Shatter. Just like the Black Shatter, the Silver Shatter 'cracks' into silver pieces on nails after a thin layer is applied and dried. It works best with pastel/ chalky/ dusty shades to give nails a mysterious look (if that is possible...?) So fitting for the Pirates of the Caribbean range!!

With flash

Without flash

With top coat for a glossy finish. I personally prefer the look with top coat.

Nice work, OPI. I am in love with you again.


MissKatv said...

wow. honestly this is the first time I see a silver shatter! :D

thanks for posting!
new follower :)

InsideOut Elle said...

oooo I LOVE the silver shatter! Rats! now I want that one too - it looks so much more unique than black shatter -_- I wonder if OPI has a gold shatter...that would be amazing ^_^

ashura said...

I heard that theres going to be a white shatter out this month! Quite sure they will release a gold one soon!

Jess said...

I want every color of this collection! But I should control myself! :p

Anonymous said...

all the colours are so cute!! Nice OPI haul!

Crystal Luvz said...

The colors are so pretty with the silver shatter on top!!! Love your blog! ^^

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

Mermaid's Tears is all the shades too....Gotta get me some OPI...

Anonymous said...

O.o my first time seeing a silver shatter!

FashionableAsians said...

Sparrow me the drama, I love the color and the name! I have to give names to the samples I get at work and I can never come up with anything as creative as OPI!

kitty said...

that is awsomeness!!