Saturday, October 15, 2011

Best Shoes of the Year: Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Lady Dragon VI - Red Metallic Red Heart

As title suggests… these are my favourite shoes of the year!!

1. They are Red!
2. They are Comfortable!
3. They are Gorgeous! 
4. They are Melissa!

Lovely! Lovely! LOVELY!! 

Vivienne Westwood + Melissa Lady Dragon VI, Red Metallic Red Heart

Highlight of the shoes: Red Metallic Heart. Super shiny and reflective

Adjustable straps

OMG… Mightily drop-dead gorgeous shoes. Not only are they red, they are also from Vivienne Westwood (VW), my favourite British luxury brand. I have been a fan of VW ever since I started reading this famous manga by Ai Yazawa, NANA. In NANA, the heroine of the story, Nana (the lead singer of rock band Blackstones), adores this brand, and so, I started loving everything from VW as well (OK- maybe not their 'Tits T-shirt' and 'Penis Pendant', but I surely love their Rocking Horse shoes -- yup! VW is a punk label)

So anyway, I will never be able to afford their leather shoes, so I always go for their Melissa ones. Not only are these Melissas VW style, they are also comfortable enough as rubber shoes. They do not look cheap, despite being made of rubber. Like all Melissa shoes, these sandals smell like bubblegum (rather sweetish) -- so some might not like it. I have no problem with the smell of the shoes!

I got mine from I ordered on 6 October, and the shoes arrived on 10 October (the only thing is sometimes they ship by UPS, and UPS has messed up my orders before). Endless carry a large-enough range of imported shoes; and they have free international shipping with orders above USD150. Their prices tend to be more reasonable than Zappos, though does not carry as many styes -- but hey! Zappos doesn't ship international! Sometimes, it takes a little longer for Endless to bring in new collections, and less colors; but I am really ok, because they are cheaper. I had also dealt with refunds with them before, and they were pretty efficient and I got my money back in about 2 weeks, after the shoes were shipped back to US.



Kristie said...

cute! Those are hot pink shoes that are perfect for a Valentine's date.

Jacqueline said...

Wow those are very pretty shoes, you must be very happy with your buy.

Haru said...

That's so gorgeous!

Mai said...

gorgeous shoes!! (:, very sharp !!

CMPang x

Anonymous said...

How cool and cute are those shoes! I need a pair asap!