Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fresh Kon Designer Cosmetic Contact Lenses (Orange Solitaire)

I am a regular color lense user, so it's no wonder I was excited when I saw this new product: Fresh Kon Designer Solitaire series. 

It comes in 4 colors: Pink, Orange, Green and Aqua.

It's called "solitaire" because the design on the lense frames the iris in a multi-faceted diamond cut pattern. Pink is supposed to be girly, orange natural, green sophisticated and blue is supposed to brighten up the look.

Pink Solitaire

Orange Solitaire

Green Solitaire

Aqua Solitaire

As I already have another pair of pink lenses, I opted for orange, hoping that it would be something unique… how wrong I was! Orange is just like brown color lenses to me. Luckily, when the lenses are on, the solitaire design is still obvious, so my eyes still look special, in the nice sort of way!

The black outer ring makes eyes look bigger.
The orange is a single tone orange.



Comfort wise, I think Designer Solitaire series is more comfortable then Fresh Kon's previous series, Mosaic. It feels less dry, and I can wear it for about 8 hours without feeling like tearing them from my eyes. 

I think I might try their pink, if this pair stays comfortable for a month.

I got it from Optical 88, $28 per pair. Optician told me that they are monthly disposable lenses. I can't find that instruction anywhere on the box, or on their website, so I decide that I will trust the optician.

If you are interested to try, please contact an eye-care practitioner for suitably of wear :)


Mai said...

the patterns are unique (: pretty

CMPang x

moneydropfromsky said...

How does aqua solitaire look on asian skin???? and can we see a full face not just the eyes preview pls. Tks loads yall. =p

ashura said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog ^^
Hmmm I actually only bought the orange color, so I can't really post the full face photos for the other colors . I will see if I could post the full face photo for the orange solitaire… I try… hahahaa… I always look too tired after work to take a good picture.
As for the aqua solitaire look, I think it might work on you if you are on the fair side :) From my observation, blue tends to look good for fair ladies, and a bright brown tends to look good on those with healthy skin tone :)