Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Palty Haircolor (Jewel Ash)

Last week I colored my hair ash!!

Usually the grey hair color look is pretty hard to achieve, but as I had light hair previously, the result was not too bad.

I used 2 boxes of these:

Palty Hair Color, Jewel Ash, $12.90 each

Kit includes instructions in Japanese and English, plastic gloves, leave-in hair conditioner,  hair colorant, comb cap applicator

This is my hair before coloring. Its a copperish shade, almost red!

This is after coloring! Not bad, isn't it??

As my hair before coloring was really quite red, the ash colorant was not strong enough to cover all the redness. However, as you can see from photo above, the result is not bad already!! I think if I had used 3 boxes of the hair dye, the result will be more even.

I think the hair product is not too strong, as it left my hair a little dry, but not that super dry (the usual feeling after coloring hair, but not that super dry). The leave in hair conditioner was not bad. I applied it to the hair ends after washing my hair while it was damp, and it left my hair really soft. The smell of the product was tolerable, nothing too pungent.

I would buy this brand of hair color again if I want to home-dye my hair again.


Anyway, just an update about myself… for those who are interested :)
I just started on my professional makeup course! I am learning lots of things about makeup and my ideas for makeup looks are coming back again (yay!!). I am a little busy right now, with work and full time makeup course, but I will start posting pictures of my makeup looks again ^_^ 

Please visit me again soon!!


Charisse said...

The color looks lovely! I've been looking for an ash colored hair dye for my dark brown hair. Nothing too light though but I wonder how this one would turn out on my hair color?

Thanks for sharing!

ashura said...

Hi Charisse :)
Hmmm as my hair had been semi bleached before (highlights), the ash came out rather well. As your hair is dark brown, I have a feeling the result might be reddish, according to the color chart on the box... it might be a little difficult to obtain the ash color from dark brown... the Liese platinum brown is a nice ash brown shade. Perhaps you could consider trying that :)

aMz88 said...

really nice review :D

Mai said...

Hey, i bought this a while back but haven't got around to use it (: i can't wait, great review!!

CMPang x

Julia said...

Great! I was looking for something to cover up my reddish hair, because it clashes with my cool skintone quite horribly.
Do you think it might work on very soft, but dry and frizzy brownish Caucasian hair that's a bit undyable?

ashura said...

Hi Julia,
If you hair is a bit reddish brown, the result might not be that good. I had light brown hair at first, then dyed bright red; but the red at the bottom came off eventually, leaving the roots still red, but the tips brown. So when I used the dye, the ash color came out for the bottom half of my hair, while the roots that were red remained red. I think this color works better on light brown hair :)

mestizay said...

Im not familiar with this brand but am interested! where can i buy this?

ashura said...

Hi Mestizay,
If you live in Singapore, you would be able to get it at Watson's :)