Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Professional Bridal Makeup for Sasha

Today in makeup class, it was my turn to be the makeup artist and I worked on my class mate Sasha for the Morning Bridal Makeup look.

That's her after the makeover!! 

You can see Sasha is pretty satisfied with the makeup, eh?


Picture perfect after makeup - my face (on the left) is hideous in comparison

Bridal magazine cover model - SASHA!! She is so pretty ~

1. On Sasaha, I first used orange (cover dark circles) and green (cover redness) concealer to cover imperfections. 
2. Mixed 2 foundation colors to match Sasha's skin tone for a flawless finish.
3. Highlighted the high points of her face and used a darker powder for shading to give her a sharper nose and chin.

1. Used black kajal liner for outer corners to create the deep-set eyes. Used brown, beige and silver for the whole eye look.
2. Gave eyes a sharper look by lining them with black pencil eyeliner. Softened the look by smudging the line and applying black eyeshadow over it.
3. Applied dolly false eyelashes and finished with black liquid liner.

Used a mixed color of light pink and orange to achieve a coral shade for the cheeks.

A shimmery light pink for a youthful look. 

RESULT: Sasha is ready for her big day!!…. just that she is not getting married yet… LOL

I am actually happy with my work today… and I feel I am getting a step closer to being a professional bridal makeup artist… what do you think? :)


Jacqueline said...

Well done! I love what you have done with Sasha, especially her eyes. They look bigger and more expressive.

ashura said...

Thanks Jacqueline :)

Rinny said...

You did a great job with Sasha! I love her eye makeup :D