Monday, March 26, 2012

Review: shu uemura white efficient UV under base brightening mousse

I L.O.V.E fair and translucent skin. I love it when my skin looks crystal clear and rosy, and hate it when its dull and patchy. That is why I always include brightening products in my daily skincare regime, be it a serum or moisturiser. 

My latest attempt at whitening is shu uemura's new brightening UV under base mousse. It's a makeup base, to be applied before powder or liquid foundation.

shu uemura white efficient UV under base brightening mousse,  50g,  $80
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Unique features of this product:

1. Lightens existing spots and limit the formation of future spots.
2. Corrects yellowness of skin to give instant rosy complexion.
3. It's 20X lighter than any other makeup base, which makes the texture of the product light and suitable for humid weather like Singapore.
4. Pore tightening & line filling, to give skin flawless appearance before makeup application.
5. Comes with SPF30 PA++

Mousse is pink purple, which corrects yellowness of skin to translucent and rosy

Left: After, Right: Before

From above photo, the result after using the product is clear! My skin looks brighter, more rosy and more matte. It doesn't give coverage, but corrects my skin tone. I like the product for its lightness and non-greasiness. I feel like my skin can breath, with SPF protection. It's also nice to know that the product is somehow working hard to limit formation of pigmentation in the deeper layers of my skin. LOL. The only thing is that my t-tone is still shiny after the usual 2 hours. But well, this product doesn't really promise oil control effects. 

I apply a golf ball size of product with shu uemura's pentagon sponge every morning. The product should last me about 2 months. I am already halfway through the can and am going to purchase the pink one as soon as I finish this! 

Overall rating: 4/5. -1 point for the price and not so good oil control!


Anna Ho said...

cool, I'd like to try it but Shu is so expensive >_<

Janet said...

Wow! nice review...It really made your skin more bright and radiant! Gorgeous!! I want to try this too!! Thanks for sharing..=)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

it looks great on u!! but omg so expensive D:

J said...

Looks like it does a good job of brightening! Do you find that it actually provides a good base and smoother application for foundation?

ashura said...

Hihi J,
I would say it definitely makes foundation application smoother and faster cos it takes me less time to blend, esp so for powder foundation for me :)