Monday, April 23, 2012

LOTD: Summer colors + shu uemura false lashes "smoky layers"

Long time no see ~ 
Just a quick LOTD before I knock off to work soon!
Posted some of the same pics on twitter yesterday, but just thought to share it here as well hehe :)
This was my look yesterday!

I personally love using several colors for bottom lash line: mixture of purple, blue, pink and red.

Love the lashes! They are from shu uemura, "Smoky Layers"

Smoky layers might look rather dramatic and long in the packaging, but once worn, they really look quite natural. They are made in 2 layers, one shorter on top, and one longer below. The effect is wispy and natural. Adds volume and length without looking over the top!

On double eyelids I used pink as base color, plum and purple as accent colors, and white as highlight color. 

Hope you like this look! I will be back with a review for Lancome's Hypnose Doll Eyes mascara after work tonight! 


InsideOut Elle said...

The lashes really are very natural! And wow, did you cut your hair? You look really cute with the pixie cut ^_^

ashura said...

Hihi Elle :)
Thanks!! Yup i cut my hair! Can't wait for it to be long again though Haha

Jacqueline said...

I like you haircut, you look modern and fresh. :) the lashes are so pretty and natural looking. I never had luck with Shu lashes, I find their harder bands difficult to apply.

Anonymous said...

that is a cute and very chic haircut! Also your smokey is so pretty and sparkly!

Janet said...

Wow! so pretty! i loved it!! ^_^~