Tuesday, April 24, 2012

* UPDATE!* Review: Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

I have seriously not bought mascaras in a long long time, as I have so become a fan of false lashes. But one just could not resist pretty packaging, could she?

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, 6.5g, $50
Image from http://www.moodiereport.com/document.php?c_id=33&doc_id=27735

I'm really fussy about mascaras, as I have the most STUBBORN lashes in history. They are:
1. Straight,
2. Curl resistant,

and worst of all...


So, let's see if Lancome's new mascara is able to live up to its claim of creating "Doll Lash Effect Wide -Eye Look"

Before: Yup! The lashes are there, but rather unnoticeable

I applied the mascara without lash primer to the left side of eye:

1st coat: noticeable better volume!

2nd coat: darker and thicker lashes. Ok, lashes on right side will look a bit darker from
this photo onwards because I had started putting mascara on my lower lashes then

3rd coat: greater length and volume. However, not impressive enough for me.
No 'wow' or 'dolly effect'

Left lashes: 3 coats without primer
Right lashes: 3 coats of primer (Majolica Marjoca), 3 coats of mascara!
Looks much better after primer \(^0^)/

Same as above
Hopefully I am not freaking anyone out here

Good effect on lower lashes as well. No primer used here

The cone like mascara brush makes it easy to apply
mascara to the really fine lashes at the outer and inner corners
of eyes

Verdict~ 1st impression:
Doll effect: 2.5/5. It's not bad, just that can't achieve the desired result without 3 coats of primer first.
Curling effect: 4/5. Mascara does't weigh down lashes despite multiple coats.
Ease of use: 4/5. Brush is well designed to apply mascara to the finest hairs! However, fat part of brush is still quite big for smaller eye users like me.
Overall look: 3/5. Minimum clumpiness despite extensive layering. Lashes are visibly longer and thicker.

*Update* Final verdict: I find it difficult to build lashes to the full and dark effect that I like for my eyelashes. I bought this because I thought that it would give me "doll lashes". I need lots of primer to thicken the look, but putting lots of primer equals more likelihood of "spidey" and more limpy looking lashes. The plus point is the brush, which makes it easy to apply mascara to shorter lashes, but it's not good enough to justify the high price of this mascara when I can get the same effect from Maybelline mascaras.

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Janet said...

It kinda look a bit dry on your lashes but it does enhance the length and thickness of your lashes. Hope it won't smudge that much considering its brand ^_^~