Monday, July 18, 2011

Fancl Beauty Treatment *Hydrating*

Apologies to those who have been waiting for a quality post from me!!
Since I started on my new work, things have become a little irregular for me :)

But anyway, today's post is another skincare review. I have not been buying makeup, just skincare!

 Each box contains 6 tubes of treatment, 13g each, NT1250 (not sure how much it is in Singapore)

This is a facial treatment designed to refine and restore complexion to smooth and moisturised suppleness. 

From website: 

'Powerful restorative like Green Tea Capsule boosts blood circulation to remove waste matters trapped in cells and refines open pores aggravated by warm weather in Singapore. European Pear Extract removes stubborn dead skin cells while Fresh Royal Jelly Essence restores cell function and enhances skin metabolism.'

Each tube is packed in such a way that you have to finish 1 tube per use. 

 This is the amount of product you have in 1 tube. It's a lot!

After washing my face with facial cleanser, I massage the treatment onto my face. It is very creamy and there are beads of, what I believe, to be green tea capsules, which kind of gently exfoliate my skin as I massage the creamy mask all over my face. The more I massage, the more the tiny capsules will start melting into the mask. I massage for about 5 minutes, until 1/2 of the capsules are gone (I simply have no patience to wait for all to melt), then leave mask on for about 5-10 minutes (website says 3 minutes, but I prefer to leave mask on for longer). After that, I rinse with warm water.

As it could get really messy while massaging the mask on my face, I like to use this mask before bathing, so that I could rinse everything off in the shower. It would get really boring if I just stare at the mirror while massaging the mask over my face, so I usually occupy myself with TV while doing so :)

The BA advised me to use the mask for 3 consecutive days to improve my skin, then once a week subsequently to maintain it. 

After my 1st use, I didn't really see anything impressive, except that my skin felt smoother to the touch. It was the 2nd day when I saw some impressive results. Other than my skin just felt smoother, it looked smoother and more refined. Pores also appeared smaller! The 3rd use did not amaze me as much as the 2nd, although my skin still felt smooth after use (just like how I would feel after using the normal cotton sheet masks). Subsequent use gave similar results as the 3rd time.

I was really pleased with the results on the 2nd day, though not sure why after that the 3rd and 4th use were not as fantastic as the 2nd. Perhaps my skin condition already improved so results were not obvious anymore?

Instructions on box for massage method

I think this is a really good product, something that I could use if I want to improve my skin fast. However, the downside of the mask is that it is really really really troublesome to use, especially because I am the type who doesn't like to use wash off masks. I love the mask, but I don't think I will repurchase, because I don't think I would want to go through all the trouble using it.

Overall rating: 4/5 Great results, but too messy to use!


Jillian said...

thanks for the informative post. i think i might try it:)

Steph said...

WOW there is A LOT of product in that tube for a one time use...

nice knowing that it works, but agreed it also seems like a lot of work =p

ShinyPrettyThings said...

this sounds interesting! but that is a lot of product to use at once!! i've heard a lot of good things about Fancl. glad this one works well!