Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NOTD: Gelish June Bride

Having pretty gel nails comes with a big price… and that is weak, thin nails after removal.

After about 3 months of gorgeous gel nails in pink and blue, I felt that my nails were getting way too thin (due to all the filing), and decided to remove them. Got them removed in first week of June, but now my nails are still far from full recovery. Basically, my nails tips can't even be longer than 0.1cm (no kidding- just look at how badly chipped my thumb nail is)! It's still some time before all my gel-nails-damaged nails get all grown out. I look forward to strong, healthy nails again… 

The best solution to my current nail problem is Gelish. Gelish protects my nails from chipping, way better than normal nail polish.  It forms a thick-enough layer of soft gel over my nails, and doesn't harm my real nails further. Normally, Gelish should last about 3 weeks without chips, but due to my nails' condition, it lasts about 2 weeks (better than nothing).

So far, I have tried colors Stand Out, Black Cherry Berry, Sweet Dream (it's a nude, very clean sort of color) and now, June Bride. 

Pink holographic glitter polish
With darker lighting
June Bride is a rather unique color -- a little flashy, cause it has silver and holographic glitters in it. The holographic glitters shimmer like rainbow under the light. However, the glitter is not saturated, so those who don't like nails to be too sparkly will still find the color acceptable. The pink is different from the usual sweet pinks -- it's a bit close to my skin tone (but I won't really call it nude as it's not those natural pink), with a hint of purple. Very interesting, complicated kind of color -- I like! So, if you are the type who get bored with your nail colors easily, this one might keep you happy for a while :)


Vanessa said...

Your nails looks gorgeous! Did you do it yourself or had it done?

ShinyPrettyThings said...

i always cringe at how damaged my nails will be after removing the gel nails! i'm scared they'll be so thin the skin will be exposed >.<

the gelish looks so pretty on you! is it still similar to gel nails where it needs to dry under a UV lamp?

ashura said...

Hi Vanessa,
I got it done at Nail Palace :) Though I am kind of considering getting the polish and lamp to do it at home… since I guess it will be cheaper that way in the long term.

ashura said...

Hi Shiny :)
I still need a UV lamp, but the removal is comparatively much more gentle, no filing! Just soaking.

Rinny said...

June Bride is such a pretty color! I love sparkly, glittery polishes :D I've never had gel nails before, mainly due to it being very damaging to your natural nail bed, as you said. They do look very pretty though :)