Monday, August 1, 2011

Stila light up the world color trend eye shadow palette, Stila lip glaze & Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer

Back from my first ever overseas work trip!!
I took these pictures for a week already, and finally I get to blog about them :) 

Maybe I should say that this are my first make up products from Stila? 
Last week I met up with my friend MJ and she actually gave me these 3 really lovely products!

Stila light up the world color trend eye shadow palette 
Day time lighting in the shade
Day time natural lighting
(you might want to click on pictures to get better view^^)

The color payoff for all colors are good, especially all the browns and red. Sangria and truffle are deep colors and should be used with caution. One wrong stroke and the eye makeup could end up looking 'dirty'. Surprisingly, the lighter colors (sugar, light, peaceful), with the exception of precious, actually show up quite well. The shadows have an interesting texture to them, like powdery yet soft and semi wet-tish. It's like the eyeshadows from Coffret D'or.

There is a mini look book (makeup tutorial) included inside the palette, which shows 4 different looks I can create with the palette: 

I haven't tried any of these looks yet, but I think I will try look 3 first, as I want to wear something dark and smoky soon (been putting natural makeup recently), and sangria + truffle happen to be the 2 most intense colors in this palette!

Stila lip glaze in 05 raspberry, 2.4ml

I love this color! I have been using this color the whole week! It gives my lips a bit of  red/pink, and of course, with that lollipop-like juicy looking finish. The color is not really that red/pink, but also not that sheer either. Especially good if you are fair and match this color with a sweet pink blusher.

Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer , 50ml, shade 01

Tinted moisturizer is probably the best friend of those girls who dislike the feel of foundation on their skin, yet want a bit of coverage. I prefer foundation, as I like coverage! I haven't worn this out yet, but I have tested it on my face. You can see from the photos that the moisturizer can't really cover my red blotches, but makes my skin a bit more moisturised. 

Which of these 3 you like best?


♥EliSe WonDerBaby♥ said...

i like the eye shadow most~! but the foundation looks nice too~! thanks 4 sharing~ =)

Steph said...

i LOVE the eye shadow =D so pretty!!! especially sangria =]

Jacqueline said...

I really like the Stila eye palette, so pretty.