Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jill Stuart 2011 Fall Makeup Collection: Prism Carat Eyes

Jill Stuart Prism Carat Eyes, 7g each

For Jill Stuart's Fall Makeup Collection, the Prism Carat Eye caught my eyes the most! Known for its brilliant eye makeup colors, I had high expectation that these will add a brilliant sparkle to the eyes, especially when it is called 'carat' eyes :) They come in 5 shades, and I got 3 of them.

Each eyeshadow jar comes with 2 colors in 2 textures. The 1st being an eyeshadow powder, the one that gives off a beautiful sparkle, while the 2nd a cream eyeshadow, and carries the 'main color'.

Swatches first!

101 Brilliant Crown

Eyeshadow powder - dark moss green

Cream eyeshadow - golden orange

101 Brilliant Crown has a sophisticated color combination. The cream eyeshadow is a rather light golden orange frosty shade. When applied on skin, it is quite close to my skin color, not as bright as I had imagined when I first looked at pictures. The powder eyeshadow is a dark moss green with gold and orange shimmer (lots of it)! The powder is pigmented and intense upon first application, so I guess a little goes a long way.

104 Twinkle Cross

Eyeshadow powder  - greyish silver

Cream eyeshadow - berry pink

104 Twinkle Cross is a gorgeously romantic, yet mysterious color combination. The cream shadow is a berry pink with a little silver shimmer,  and the eyeshadow powder is a greyish silver with lots of sparkles, mainly gold and silver. 

105 Radiant Corsage

Eyeshadow powder  - silver sparkle

Cream eyeshadow - chocolate brown

105 Radiant Corsage creates the most brilliant smoky eyes. Best for functions/ events when you are going for that smoldering and sexy look :) The cream eyeshadow is a dark chocolate brown with silver shimmer. It is an interesting color as it looks brown on my hand, but seems grey on my eyelids. The brown is slightly sheer, and I layered on a lot when I was testing it out. It's one of those shades that will look washed out if you apply too little, as it looks much better as dark and intense. The eyeshadow powder adds more sparkle to the eyes than color. It's a silver with silver and golden sparkles.

(you might want to click on image to get a better view ^^)
*Note: 104 is Twinkle 'Cross', not Twinkle 'Rose', my mistake!

Which color do you think I used in the 2 photos above??

105 Radiant Corsage!!! See what I mean when I say the cream shadow looks a bit greyish on my lids? ^_^

As for the texture of the eyecolors, I think it is easy to apply quite evenly with the cream eyeshadows, with the exception of 105 Radiant Corsage, where the brown looks slightly blotchy if I don't layer on. The powder eyeshadow is easy to apply with fingers, but if you want precision, I guess a brush will be good too. But like all powder eyeshadows, do be careful of fallouts as you apply!! 

As the powder eyeshadows are so sparkly and will make anyone look glamourous in seconds, I don't think Prism Carat Eyes is suitable for everyday wear… but they are so pretty that I can't wait to find a chance to wear them out!!


Joan said...

at first i thought the glitter was nothing special but woo it looks really good on the lid in your eye look! :O

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

These eyeshadows look incredible! I love Jill Stuart!! :) I bet they smell so pretty too! ;)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

wow you picked up some great things!! i love that eotd, jill stuart never disappoints with the sparkles =D

Rakhshanda said...

Woww great products!!!! Love the EOTD <3

cream puff said...

I love cute packaging and have been eyeing products from Jill Stuart for a very long time! ^^ Thanks for the eye candy!!

Jacqueline said...

Great eye look! Your haul looks great, I bet you must be having a great time playing with them.

pan kurczak said...

golden orange is absolutely lovely. :)))