Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Etude House Apricot Stick, Aloha Cocktail Syrup Nails Kit, Petite Darling Nails & Mascara Remover

I finally couldn't stand the 'days without new make up', and bought a few Etude House items :)

Aloha Cocktail Syrup Nails Kit, Sunshine Bronze
Comes in 3 colors, 7ml each, $16.90 a set

All 3 colors are meant to be used together to create the graduation nails look.

Shade 1

Shade 1 is the base color. It's a slightly milky peachy color, which looks fine even on it's own. It covers natural nail color in about 3 coats. 

Shade 2

Shade 2 is a sheer orange glitter polish. The glitters are on the large side.

Shade 3

Shade 3 is a frosty reddish brown, with glitters. The glitters are smaller as compared to shade 2.  The color probably could be worn on its own.

Nails Gradation

For this gradation look, I applied 2 layers for each color, with shade 1 on the whole nail as base, shade 2 from the middle of nail, and shade 3 at the tips of the nail.

I think these colors are indeed very 'Aloha', very summer, very seaside! 
*Confession* I bought this kit because I liked shade 1, but luckily, the other 2 shades look good as well!

Darling Petite Nails BR302, 7ml, $5.90 

This is a milky nude brown shade. Ok, not exactly nude, as the color is pretty light, but nude in the sense  that it gives nails a 'clean' look. This is 3 coats!

I am pretty satisfied with these Etude House nail polish. They are easy to apply and don't streak. 

Apricot Stick in shade 1 (top) & shade 6 (bottom), $9.90 each

Each Apricot Stick has a different fruity scent, which is not very strong, so I don't really mind. The finish is glossy. I used 01 out once, and i think it was very moisturising! When I swatch them, they might appear a little sheer, but on lips, the colors are bright!

Left: shade 06, right: shade 01
Natural lipcolor without lipstick
Apricot Stick Shade 01

Shade 1 gives lips a pop of raspberry bluish pink. I love raspberry shades! The stick smells of raspberry too :)

Apricot Stick Shade 06

Shade 6 is a coral shade. Peachy, but leaning more towards reddish. This color covers lip color a bit better than shade 1. This one just smells sweet (still fruity) to me, not sure which fruit it is.

The photos are a little bit blurry as they are taken with the front camera of my iPhone 4! Couldn't get good photos of the colors using the rear camera. 

Mascara Remover, 80ml, $10.90

This Mascara Remover is so gorgeous, isn't it! Such a sweet pink hehehe… I think this remover removes waterproof mascara moderately well. No tugging of eyelids. However, I think it kind of stung my eyes a little, not too much for me to throw it in the bin!

I ordered some Benefit cosmetics online. Hope it will come this week!!

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