Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jill Stuart Loose Powder N in 02 Lucent

Jill Stuart Loose Powder N in 02 Lucent, 20g

Along with it's extremely princess-like packaging, I have high hopes that this loose powder will work for me. I am not disappointed, but also not all excited over it.

When I tested this powder at the counter, I expressed my concern to the BA that this powder contains shimmer, and might be unsuitable for the whole face. I prefer my loose powder to give a matte finish, and usually shimmer will make the T-zone appear oily since there is too much shine, or might make my face appear bigger than it is. LOL.

The BA assured me that the shimmer is there just to make skin appear more radiant, and will not make skin appear oily. Ok, I didn't really believe what she said, but I just wanted to get this loose powder! Haha!

I started using this about 2 weeks ago, and I use it as a setting powder for my liquid foundation. Unfortunately, I DO find the shimmer make my T-zone look oily, so I use my Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover for my nose and forehead, and the Jill Stuart Loose Powder for the rest of the face. It works well for me this way :)

I like the way the shimmer makes my face appear a little brighter, without being overwhelmingly sparkly. Just too bad I can't use it on my T-zone! However, the powder also makes my face a bit fairer, so I must be careful to remember to pat the powder on my neck and shoulders as well.

There is nothing much to comment about the powder's oil control ability, because my skin will start to 'shine' a little after the usual 2 hours.

The powder has a nice mild floral scent, which does not irritate my nose or my skin!

Before loose powder, with liquid foundation

After, with loose powder over liquid foundation

From the pics above, you can see how the powder makes me appear fairer! So, I don't really use a lot of the powder each time, which means the the powder is going to last a long long long time. Overall, this is a powder I enjoy using, like the result of it, but will not repurchase.


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The powder does make you a shade lighter. It sounds very pretty! :)

pan kurczak said...

omg! I love the packing! Like a doll toy ;)
I like the final effect to. :)

kisses from

hailey said...

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Hailey William

Anne said...

hi have you tried paul and joe's loose powder? if yes which is much better jill stuart's or paul and joe? thank you

ashura said...

Hihi Anne,
I tried using p&j loose powder before, and the result was really awesome! Very smooth and flawless skin… except that it broke me out :( I had to stop using it. As long as it doesn't break you out, i would go for p&j, as the result was better...