Sunday, August 28, 2011

K-drama frenzy: Scent of a Woman & Lee Dong Wook

Let me confess why I have not been blogging regularly recently. Apart from not buying much new makeup collections… I have been watching KOREAN DRAMA almost everyday.

To be honest, I have only started watching Korean dramas in 2009, the first being Boys over Flowers, so I can't say I have watched lots. The ones that are more well known are Goong, Personal Taste, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Secret Garden and My Princess. 

Right now, I am pretty much obsessed over Scent of a Woman (along with a few others), starring THE TALENTED Kim Sun-ah, and the ever-so-yummy Lee Dong-wook.

Kim Sun-ah as Lee Jeon-jae

Lee Dong-wook as Kang Ji-wook

Seo Hyo-rim as Im Sae-Kyung

Eom Ki-joon as Chae Eun-seok

Scent of a Woman talks about a plain and hardworking woman Lee Yeon-jae (stars Kim Sun-ah), who one day discovers that she has terminal cancer with only 6 more months to live. Having suffered much indignities at work and hardships in life, she decides to live the rest of her life happily and fully, resigns from work and heads for a luxurious holiday to Okinawa. There, she meets Kang Ji-wook (stars Lee Dong-wook), the director of the company, Line Tours, where Yeon-jae used to work in before she turned in her resignation.

Of course, the characters fall in love and we get the usual conflict of 'man and woman from different social status falling for each other'. However, what is more interesting, and sort of grim is that the female character may die at the end of the series. I find this plot line a refreshing change from the usual K-romance comedies where 'everyone lives happily ever after', and I want to find out how the story concludes, desperately :)

Seo Hye-rim plays Im Sae-Kyung, Ji-wook's willful fiancee; and Eom Ki-joon plays Chae Eun-Seok, Yeon-jae's childhood friend, the doctor who diagnoses her with terminal cancer, who also used to have a crush on her in their childhood days.

One of my favorite scenes in the show so far is of course the Tango scene in episode 8, which is much talked about and praised for the sizzling chemistry between the leads in the dance. Both the leads executed the dance with so much longing and passion for each other that it seems as if they are lovers in real life.

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Another reason why I love the show so much is also because of Lee Dong-wook. Don't think I have to explain too much why I like this actor, do I? Just look at the muscles!! LOL

Jokes aside, Lee Dong-wook acts well and he portrays his character with suavity -- you just know what his character is thinking at that moment, with the subtle changes of facial expressions, eye movements and tone of voice. 

Scent of a Woman premiered on 23 July 2011, and airs every Saturday and Sunday. It just broadcasted its latest episode, episode 11 tonight. There will be 16 episodes altogether. 

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peonyinlove said...

I'm watching the same series as you and I can't get enough and ended doing a tutorial look as well. Just love her curly hair.

Lucy said...

I've yet to watch a K-drama, but these pictures are so romantic is makes my heart throb. And wow that guy..

Kalmo said...

This K drama sounds great. Thanks for the summary and review, I'm going to check it out. All the actors/actresses are gorgeous.

aMz88 said...

guy with glasses: recognize him from Dream High
Girl: Kimsamsun? lol i duno XD i forgot

looks at muscles *hmmmmmmm* :p

ashura said...

Hi Peonyinlove,
I just went to check out your tutorial. It's awesome!!

ashura said...

You are so right!! The female lead is from the Kim Sam Soon show :)

Mary in Wonder said...

nya, this is on my what-to-watch list, but don't know when I'll be able to start it. Goong is soo sweet! It's 2nd series wasn't bad either...and Kim Sam Soon! waaa~ As for BoF...I still haven't finished it. XD
If you like the type of kdrama where you can laugh your ass off, not just cry, watch Coffee Prince, You're beautiful and Marry me Mary too! And here are tons of them ;)

Anonymous said...

I've got to say, I've been watching dramas for a long time and it's been a while since I've seen such a great drama! This one really goes down on the list, if not the top of the list for me, with My Girl, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Goong, Coffee Prince and Boys over Flowers. The acting is just superb by far the best acting and chemistry I've ever seen. It really makes you feel like you're falling in love. Also, I gotta hand it to the director. He did a great job! The way he filmed it really adds to the intensity and beauty of the film. Actually, I was really close to not watching it because I really don't like watching overly depressing dramas with cancer and death, however, I gave it a try anyway just because my two favorite actors are the leads of this show. Wow! I'm so glad I gave it a chance! Although the storyline may seem cliche from just reading the summary, it really doesn't do it justice. When you are watching it, there bits and pieces that makes it unique and quite different from the average typical dramas. I'm seriously in love and can't get enough!

FashionableAsians said...

I think I might have to do a fashion post on this drama, me likes the looks! :P

Mickey said...

I also L♥VE this drama.

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