Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ettusais Medicated Pre-acne Care Sheet

As I find that I tend to have quite some nasty pimples, during certain days every month >_<, I thought that it might be good if I try Ettusais' pre-acne care sheet. I can't really remember how much I got it for, but official site says it's $49, though I thought I paid $50+ for it… hmm…

The care sheet is designed to strengthen the skin that becomes prone to pimples before menstruation each month. About 1-2 weeks before menstruation, this can be used on areas where pimples usually appear. This is used as the last step of my skincare regime. After applying Ettusais Skin Version-up Extra, Dual Effect White-shooter and Whitening Essence, I put 1 sheet of the care sheet at area above my lips, and 1 sheet at my chin, the 2 areas on my face most prone to painful large pimples. I leave the sheets on for 5-10 minutes. After that, I massage the remaining essence into my skin and follow with Medicated Acne Defense Nighttime Powder.

I can see some immediate results after I remove the sheets, especially at the chin area, where the skin's texture is usually very rough, with those impossible-to-remove kind of white heads 'embedded' in the skin. After care sheet, the skin looks and feels smoother, and some of the white heads actually seem to have disappeared. Did the care sheet 'melt' them down? 

So after using 2 sheets every night for 2 weeks, only 1 pimple appeared, when usually I would get 3-4 every month before menstruation. In fact, I remember that last week, 2 red bumps appeared, one above lips, and 1 at the chin. After 2 days, the bump above lips did not develop into a pimple, but the one at chin did. I am pretty sure it was the care sheet that managed to calm the skin down. Too bad it couldn't get rid of the pimple at my chin, which I think was the more serious one. However, I think the result was  good enough for me! 

The care sheets sting a little upon application, but that kinds of make me feel that the care sheet is working...

Sealed with aluminum foil, so that the essence do not dry up

50 thin sheets, shaped like those black heads pore packs with slits for better fit

Comes with tweezers so that it is convenient to pick the care sheets up

A loop attached to the side of jar packaging to hold the tweezer

Though this product does not solve my pre-menstrual acne problem 100%, I find it effective enough and will definitely buy the refill once I am done with the 50 sheets in my jar. 

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