Sunday, December 18, 2011

Etude House Welcome to Wonder Lip Land Lip Palette

I seldom buy lip palettes, because I have always felt that it's kinda unhygienic… but the Etude House Welcome to Wonder Lip Land palette is too awesome to miss!!

It retails for only $39 in Singapore, and has 18 colors. Even if the price is more expensive in Singapore as compared to Korea, I find it a good price still!

Paper packaging is kind of nice

The great thing about this palette is that the color you see in the palette is more or less the color you get when applied to lips. The pigment is good and colors are vibrant. The 12 shades on the left side of palette (smaller rectangles) are lipstick texture, colors more intense, quite matte, and less moisturising. The rest of the 6 shades (right side of palette, squares) feel more like lipgloss, 2 of which are shimmer lipgloss and more to sheer. 

Colors in row 1, from left to right

Colors in row 2

Colors in row 3
This palette is already sold out in most outlets in Singapore. According to a friend who asked the SA in the shop, she said that this is not a limited edition in Korea, but they always bring in this product to Singapore during the Christmas season. The palette is very popular, for the obvious reason :) Good quality and rather reasonable price!

If you are lucky, you might still be able to find one in the stores :)

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