Saturday, December 24, 2011

Love, Bonito Luncheon 2011 at Shuffle Bar

Though I can't say I was proud (more of horrified at my own spending ability), I was nonetheless pleased to be invited to the Love, Bonito Appreciation Luncheon on 10 December 2011at Shuffle Bar, for being one of their top 50 spenders for 2011 ^^;

I realise that I really bought a lot from their blogshop at the beginning of this year, but since I have really stopped buying as much from them now, I decided that I should throughly enjoy the lunch, given that I would definitely not be invited again next year. LOL

I have posted about their clothing before here.

Picture with the 3 owners of Love Bonito: Rachel, Velda and Viola 

I invited my friend, Denise, to come to the event with me (I am on the right)

As the VIPs of the day, we got to buy the latest pieces from their Christmas collection before they were released on sale for their blogshop. Of course, now, 2 weeks later, all the pieces have been released for sale already!

I love the Cassidy Corset (right). I got it in cream when the piece was released on blogshop. It was $30. Very good price for a corset!

We got name tags (hohoho) placed on the table. And a special menu for the day

Order form for the clothing

All 3 of them are so skinny! No wonder the sizes for their clothing are all so mini -_-

At the same time lunch was served, the highlight of the day, a mini catwalk show started! The models all walked so fast that I couldn't really get a clear photo of any of them.

This is model Zianna, who started modeling for Love Bonito not too long ago. She is very pretty and very slim! 

This is model Constance. I don't really see her modeling for the blogshop anymore recently. She is MAJOR SKINNY.  She looked like a UK4 with a 22" waistline ^^;

Zianna posing on the stage

All the 8 models for the day on the stage

I got 2 dresses on that day. Both of them super gorgeous, the COVET J'ourdain Maxi and COVET Safforie Dress. The former is simply stunning, while the latter is very suitable for Christmas, as the dress is all shimmery. Both of them are sold out already, but Love, Bonito is taking backorders for the two dresses till Monday 26 December 2011!

COVET J'ordain Maxi, $48

COVET Safforie Dress, $42

Both of the photos above are taken from the original Love, Bonito website.

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